Winter got you down? Fight back with whiskey!

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I’ve recently moved to Chicago (ok, basically one of the ‘burbs to be accurate), and it seems I’ve brought my former town’s weather with me. San Diego is under a couple of feet of rain water, while here it’s been downright tropical. 50 degrees in December?? You’re welcome.  Though I’m a little worried that next week’s forecast is using the word “frigid”. No, no, no thank you. But, since there’s zero I can do about it being zero next week, let’s do some warm drinks with whiskey, shall we?!?


If you’re feeling under the weather, a Hot Toddy will hit the spot. Why do Nyquil, when whiskey is a much tastier version? Some recipes say to use hot tea as your base, some just hot water. Then add your whiskey choice, lemon and honey – voila! Instant, delicious relief. One note: not all teas and whiskies combine into a tasty treat. In the throes of an awful cold, I thought, “what’s the worst that can happen? I can’t taste anything, anyway.” Well, that wasn’t strictly true. If you’re not sure what bottle to grab, here’s a selection of recipes that might help.


If you’re feeling just fine, and would like to feel better – who can go wrong with hot chocolate? Or even better for the caffeinated among us, a mocha….with whiskey!? So. Delicious. I’m a member of the Dickel Dozen (no, I don’t need a cream to get rid of that, thanks) – that means I’m one of twelve writers picked nationwide to write about George Dickel Tennessee Whisky. Our challenge last winter was to create a hot drink using Dickel’s whisky. One of their taglines is, “Mellow as Moonlight”. Meet the Mellow Mocha – I’ll tell you, recipe development was a tough job that day, but I did it!!


Hopefully these warm mugs will get you through the winter. With enough whiskey, you can just hibernate! But if you’re already dreaming of summer, you can come out to Moe’s Cantina on January 23rd and meet me – and have your first-ever whiskey margarita! My day job is assistant distiller at Quincy Street Distillery in Riverside, and we’re participating in the  River North Whiskey Fest. Check out our Facebook page for a chance to win two VIP tickets! If you come to the event, stop by and say hi!



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