What Your Date’s Drink Says About Them

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It’s your first date. You’ve done that online thing, whether you’ve swiped them the correct direction, or you’ve done the old-fashioned version of actually writing a profile. Now it’s time for The First Meeting. It seemed like a good idea to meet for a drink. One drink, if you don’t like them (or they don’t like you), it’s a quick evening. And if it’s really bad, you can go your separate ways…and keep drinking. But before being completely whiskey-glass-half-empty about the whole thing, you want to make a good impression. So what do you order?! What would you think if your date ordered these drinks? And before you think this is all one-sided, this goes both ways. What does your drink say about YOU? Choose wisely!

Jack & Coke – your college days are behind you, but you don’t really want them to be. A glass of sugar and kinda cheap whiskey, barkeep! Might not bode well for future dates that include food, unless you like the Dutch version of check paying. Every time.

Martini – this is simply a big glass of vodka or gin with a couple of olives/onions stuck in it. This drink says, “I think I look classy while I get hammered”. And, if martini is preceded by “Cosmo” or “Lemon Drop”, it could be that your date is still watching Sex in the City with her cat while they both eat ice cream, when you’re not around.

Shots – Any shot is a bad indicator. I don’t care if they’re made with fancy ingredients, or free or any other reason someone could dream up (if they say it’s their birthday, I’d demand ID). No shots. Period.

Wine – not a bad choice, as long as they don’t bring their own box along. Now, if they snap their fingers, call, “Garçon!” and imperiously demand the wine list – probably not your ideal date. Unless of course you ordered the Cosmo, then it’s all good. Otherwise, a nice glass of wine is a good choice – no one is likely to get drooling-drunk from a single glass and if your date really is a disaster, the bottle contains 3 more of its friends.

Whiskey, neat – As long as it’s not cheap whiskey in a shot glass, your date likely knows their way around the world of whiskey. Score! They know what they like and they’re able to pay for it. They’ve taken the time to learn about what’s in their glass – hopefully they’ll take the same care learning about you!

What drink choice have you encountered on a date that was questionable? Or fabulous? Leave a comment below!


By Jeanne Runkle

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Jeanne Runkle lives here, and sometimes there. Her favorite spirit is whiskey, be it bourbon, rye, or American. You can even take out the e, and give her Scotch. Check out her other whiskey musings at PancakesandWhiskey.com. Cheers!



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