War of the Roses by Warren Adler

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War of the Roses Book Cover War of the Roses
Warren Adler

The War of the Roses has over time emerged as a synonym for modern divorce and its emotional aftershock. Since its publication, it has spawned numerous film and stage adaptations, prompted endless discourse on the dynamics of divorce, and has become part of the legal jargon describing the proceedings that follow.

Adler’s iconic tale takes us from suburban bliss to a deadly territorial battle. Jonathan and Barbara Rose are at first glance the perfect couple. Jonathan has a stable law career; Barbara is an aspiring gourmet entrepreneur with a promising pâté recipe. Their large home holds the rich antique collection that originally brought them together, as well as the loving familial bond that intertwines them with their children Eve and Josh.

When Jonathan finds himself suddenly gripped by what is presumably a heart attack and Barbara confronts the loveless spell lingering between them, the sun-soaked sky that was once the Rose family union drifts into a torrential downpour. Their mutual hatred becomes ammunition in a domestic warfare that escalates in the most unpredictable ways while they helplessly eye their dwindling nuptial flame. In the chaos that unfolds, Adler allows a moment of much needed contemplation on the shape of today’s matrimonial bonds.

The War of the Roses illuminates the relationship-shattering materialism, contempt, and selfishness of husband and wife by posing a timeless question: how far are we willing to allow our material possessions the power to define who we are? Are today’s marriages haunted by the struggle to get even?

There’s a reason that we always call Warren Adler the Rockstar of Literature! War of the Roses is a phenomenal story. You’ve probably seen the movie or at least heard of it. It was a blockbuster and there’s a reason that they chose this book. It’s the perfect story set in suburban bliss, depicting the decay of a marriage and the battle that ensues.

This is a darker book then I think people expect it to be. Especially considering that most people have seen the movie and they’re expecting that from the book. This is really about human nature and the ugly places deep within. Everybody in your life brings something different out in you and there’s always a counterpoint that can bring the worst out in you. That ugliness manifests and that’s what this book is about.

The story can be difficult to read. It’s brutal in places. The writing is fantastic there’s no doubt about that; anything Warren Adler puts to paper is going to be beautifully written. But it’s definitely a dark read. It’s twisted and I think the reason it’s hard to read is because we can see ourselves reflected in these characters whether we want to or not.

And incredibly clever story. War of the roses is definitely a book that should be on everyone shelf.

I give this book 5 stars and pair it with a Bloody Good Time cocktail!

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The War of the Roses: The Children – http://amzn.to/1SIWXY9

Make the Drink


A Bloody Good Time Cocktail

1 oz. cherry vodka

1 oz. vodka

4 oz. cranberry juice

Gummy worms to garnish

Lime wedge to garnish

Pour cherry vodka, vodka, and cranberry juice into cocktail shaker with ice. Shake well and strain into cocktail glass with ice. Garnish with lime wedge and gummy worms.

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