So Here’s the Deal…

This is not your average book blog. We read books. A lot of them. Some good and some bad. We write reviews, yes, but then we go a step further… What we do is read the books and suggest the best drink to pair with each book we read. We will rate the books. No need to worry there. How we rate them may be a bit different too. You see, to us, a book can be great for many reasons. What we look for in a book above all else is how the book makes us feel. And that can be a number of things. The book can elicit great sadness or overwhelming joy. It can take us on a roller coaster of emotions or simply make us laugh. All we want is to read a book and have it take us to the world the author has created. If the author can take us there, they have succeeded. Because let’s face it, if the story doesn’t make you want a drink, the author hasn’t done their job. 😉1379962_10152280055474688_88571101_n

The reviewing team <3

Jen, Danielle, Kelly & Amanda

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