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by Harper Sloan
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I received this book for free from the author or publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Uncaged Book Cover Uncaged
Corps Security
Harper Sloan

Greg Cage’s life is more fulfilling than he ever could have imagined. He’s married to the love of his life, has an amazing son, and in a few short months, his family will grow again with the birth of his twin girls.

The past year has been a tough one for the Cage family, but they are now on the road to healing by learning to let go of the past and looking forward to their future.

When situations beyond his control threaten to take away so much of what Greg holds close to his heart, he has to learn that he doesn't always have the control he tries to maintain in their lives. Will he be able to handle the stress of knowing his wife and newborn daughters are beyond his protection?

Join the Cage family as they embark on yet another one of life’s journeys with a rambunctious four-year-old, pregnancy complications, and the fear of the unknown.

Will the love that Greg and Melissa share hold true as they fight to overcome the obstacles that face them?

UNCAGED is not a standalone. It is a continuation of CAGE. It is recommended that you read the first 3 books in the series before UNCAGED.

“There are moments in your life when you know that a higher power is at work. That someone is hard at work making sure that all the bad you’ve ever felt in your life is cashed in for something so incredibly perfect it almost doesn’t seem real. “

Melissa and Cage have been through hell. As individuals and then once they finally come together.

In this novella Melissa and Cage finally get a taste if the sweet life that they so very much deserve. Life is beautiful and Melissa is pregnant with a perfect product of their love. Cohen is thriving and happy as ever. The guys from Corps Security and their ladies are all around to form a strong familial bond.

About halfway through, a freighting and heartbreaking event takes place and it tests the strength of each of them individually and as a family. Cage and Cohen (little alpha in training,) come together in a beautiful way. I love watching Cage teach Cohen how to be a strong and respectable man. Reading the interactions between father and son was one of my favorite parts of this story.

“You never need to thank me for loving you, Melissa. You make it effortless.”

I loved this sweet story. Every bit of it. There were some great surprises too. We get the POV of Melissa, cage and even Cohen! It is delightful to hear Cohen’s voice. And we get to see and hear about the delectable and elusive Maddox Locke. I cannot wait for his story!

The epilogue is a wonderful surprise with many hints to what’s to come with the men of corps security.

This was a well written story full of love and inspiration. This series took me by surprise when I first started it, but not instantly became a favorite with Axel. I look forward to each and every story. I highly recommend these sexy, sweet and fun books!

I give Uncaged 5 I-Can’t-Believe-It’s-A-Novella-Stars! This book started as a Guinness kind of story and I quickly needed a shot of Jameson to complete it. Keep the booze close for this one, folks!


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