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Truth Book Cover Truth
Consequences #2
Aleatha Romig

From New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Aleatha Romig comes the thrilling sequel in the Consequences series: Truth, a game of deception, intrigue, and conspiracy where losing can be deadly.

Claire survived the consequences.

Through strength and compartmentalization, Claire Nichols captivated her captor. Though Anthony Rawlings thought he taught Claire to behave, his domination became desire, and his obsession morphed into love. Or was it? When her choices pushed Anthony's relentless vendetta too far, Claire barely survived the consequences.

Discover the truth.

Now, armed with new information and more questions than answers, Claire works to uncover the truth behind the dangerous game at play. As she begins anew, she must decide whom she can truly trust, especially with a new set of players on the move.

New set of rules.

With everything to lose and a manipulative game master controlling the board, Claire and Tony duel by a new set of rules. When thrust together once again, can they learn to trust each other to overcome new dangers? Or will this be Tony's second attempt at domination? Can Claire resist the man she'd never before been able to resist? Hatred and love. Deception and truth. Old habits and new beginnings. As this real-life game of chess plays out, past sins will come to light and new secrets will be revealed. With so much riding on each move, the stakes have never been higher.

All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered. The trick is to discover them. - Gallolao



“In their figurative game of chess, Anthony Rawlings had Claire in check. Every move she made, he countered.”

Gah!!! If you are reading this review, then you probably have at least read the first book in this series. We left off with Claire in prison and Tony doing god knows what besides being his evil self. We were also left with tons of questions as to what was possibly going to happen to poor Claire, and what exactly had happened in the past with Tony’s family. This second installment wastes no time in jumping right back in. It’s actually a freight train that never slows down and never stops.

I have to say I really liked Claire in Truth. She came into her own and finally found some strength to put her foot down with Tony. Armed with a box of documents about Tony’s former life, Claire finally feels like she may have the upper hand on Tony. Sure she was still afraid, but that does not stop her from putting a plan in motion and drawing some hard limits where Tony is concerned.

“Tony lifted his glass and proposed a toast, “To you, the only person in this world, who can keep me on my toes.”
Claire held her glass.”

Tony, Tony ,Tony. Where to begin? I definitely am not swayed to Team Tony, but I guess he is someone that I love to hate. He is still a controlling, overbearing jerk, but he slowly (extremely slowly) starts showing some slivers of redemption here. Yes, he is an adult, but in many ways he is still a sad little boy who is simply a byproduct of his messed up family.

“You’re right. Your decietfulness far exceeds my modest attempts at dishonesty. I bow-down to your superior duplicity.”

I read this book remarkably fast. I was hungry for answers. I needed the truth and I desperately needed to know what was going to happen! We are given just enough information to think that we know something before the author literally changes everything. The way this story is woven together is devilish and wonderful all at once.  I was feeling pretty smart about ¾ of the way in, thought I really had pieced some of the puzzle together and then the last twenty or so pages just blew that all to shit.  It is brilliant! It is awesome and I am dying for more! Aleatha Romig is the master, and I willingly bow to her. I can’t wait to read the rest of this series!

5 stars and nice expensive bottle of Merlot (Tony’s buying!) Enjoy!

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