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M.S. L. R.
June 10,2017

Victoria (Tocxy) Xylander has two secrets.
She lives a double life, one where she hunts bad guys by night and one where she writes about them. Tocxy keeps both worlds apart, only a super sexy model who isn't all what he seems to be - has his eyes set on her and his name is Shane.

What's her second secret?
Someone who she's had a crush on, someone she's been texting for over a year, someone she's drawn to in a way that scares her. Axel may be everything she ever wanted but he could also mean a world of trouble.

As Tocxy moves from state to state to hide from a past that could be deadly, she faces challenges ahead that could be just as deadly as her past. Meanwhile she plays with fire as she lets Shane and Axel into her life, in more ways than one. Tocxy is caught in the middle of something big, and she has to stop running to face not just her enemies, but herself. She must make a decision and quick before everything she's been trying to keep together, falls apart.

Review for Toyxc by M.S.L.R.


         This novel is about a badass character named Victoria.   She has a past that is surely to catch up with her.   Until that time, she fills her day with writing, book signings and traveling.  A dark side comes out in her every now and then, and on some nights she helps catch some bad guys.  Did I mention she has two extremely hot model type guys after her.  So Victoria certainly has her hands full when that past comes a knocking. Will she  fight for the change in her life, so she can stop living on the run?

         With a very steamy one of a kind sex scene , this book is one to remember.   Looking forward to reading more by this author.  


3 stars


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