Top Ten Penned Con Moments

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We had an amazing weekend in St. Louis. My feet are sore and Kelly lost her voice. We met some great people and some marvelous authors. We have some countless stories to tell for years. Lots of memorable and funny things happened, but these ten were by far the highlight of our weekend.


  1. Heckling Aleatha Romig with C.J. Roberts. One word: Evolutionization.
  2. Seeing the look on Sarah J. Pepper face when she realized that Alice Clayton just bought all of her books.
  3. Kelly offering to let Barbara Speak use her purse as a trash can.
  4. Lying to our husbands about the number of books we bought.
  5. Buying 10 for $10 burritos for breakfast, lunch and dinner in order to have more book money.
  6. Sharing our love of Not Your Father’s Root Beer with Eric Asher (and the lovely Amy)
  7. Seeing the look on peoples’ faces when they realize that Danielle Kelly is two people.
  8. Dancing with Landon Miles at the Masquerade ball.
  9. Taking silly pics in the photo booth with AM Hargrove and Elizabeth Isaacs.
  10. Crying during Denise Grover Swank keynote speech.

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    • The Book & Alcohol Girls

      The donut ass will go down in history!!! We had so much fun and still have so many pics to post! #bookmafia

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