Top 10 Walking Dead Moments that Drove us to Drink

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Most things in the Walking Dead are intense and have us holding our breath. There are some moments that are more agonizing and anxiety inducing. And then there are the moments that are so intense we can barely handle them. These moments make us want to run to the liquor cabinet to find something to take the edge off. We need something to be able to cope with the utter gut wrenching moments that make this show so great. Season 6 alone had so many absolutely mind-blowing moments I’m not sure how we survived. While watching the season finale, I actually thought I might vomit. So grab a bottle of whatever is near and dive in!
1. Negan’s arrival
2. Judith’s birth and Lori’s death
3. Hershel’s  beheading
4. Rick killing Shane and Carl killing Walker Shane

5. Beth’s death

6. Daryl finding Walker Merle
7. Carol blowing up Terminus

8. The Wolves arrival at Alexandria
9. Glen fighting the walker while tied up in the Governors basement

10. Carol killing Lizzie

Honorable Mentions:

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