The Seven Sins of Ruby Love

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The Seven Sins of Ruby Love
The Beyond Series
Erin Quinn
Simon and Shcuster
April 2, 2017

The third in the “fascinating...powerful...beautifully wrought” (RT Book Reviews) Beyond series takes you to a paranormal world of demons, angels, and Fates worse than death...

Ruby thought she was the ordinary sister in the Love clan—that is, until her dead brother searches her out and begs for her help. Along with him come others—not just other dead, but demons, too—and they are terrifying enough to alarm even someone with Ruby’s eerie family history. She turns to John Cassian, a successful-but-sketchy businessman who seems to know more about demons than is good for either of them. He agrees to help her save her brother’s soul, but Ruby knows he has motives of his own. He is too compelling, too sensual to resist, but even as he seduces Ruby’s body, she fears the consequences of trusting him. John is seeking revenge, but who or what has he targeted? And how can she love a man who frightens even the stuff of nightmares?

The seven sins of Ruby love was my first read of Erin Quinn’s. It goes against everything in me to read a series out of order but once I started this book I couldn’t put it down. Ruby’s family has been touched by the Beyond. Seeing things they shouldn’t and surviving what they shouldn’t. Everyone except ruby that is.

Ruby had no experience with the Beyond until after the death of her younger brother Reece. Now Ruby sees the dead everywhere she goes. Only one lost soul matters to her. Ruby’s brother Reece has reached out from the Beyond for help. All of her knowledge and instincts tell her this is a trick and it isn’t really her brother asking for help but what if she’s wrong? After a rather scary encounter with her brother and a gang of dead Ruby runs into John Cassian. John is a stranger but may be just the person she needs to figure everything out.

While reading this story I was reminded of one of my favorite supernatural movies Constantine. Whether this was meant to be I don’t know but I loved it. I am left needing to read the first two books in this series to catch up on what I missed, and just because Erin writes  amazing supernatural romance. I can’t wait to read the rest of this series and more of her books.

I give 4 stars to The Seven Sins of Ruby Love and would pair it with a Green Demon cocktail

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