The Life Intended

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The Life Intended Book Cover The Life Intended
Kristen Harmel

From the author of the international bestseller The Sweetness of Forgetting, named one of the Best Books of Summer 2012 by Marie Clairemagazine, comes a captivating novel about the struggle to overcome the past when our memories refuse to be forgotten.

In this richly told story where Sliding Doors meets P.S. I Love You, Kristin Harmel weaves a heart-wrenching tale that asks: what does it take to move forward in life without forgetting the past?

After her husband's sudden death over ten years ago, Kate Waithman never expected to be lucky enough to find another love of her life. But now she's planning her second walk down the aisle to a perfectly nice man. So why isn't she more excited?

At first, Kate blames her lack of sleep on stress. But when she starts seeing Patrick, her late husband, in her dreams, she begins to wonder if she's really ready to move on. Is Patrick trying to tell her something? Attempting to navigate between dreams and reality, Kate must uncover her husband's hidden message. Her quest leads her to a sign language class and into the New York City foster system, where she finds rewards greater than she could have imagined.

The Life Intended is the story of Kate, a thirty-something who is still struggling with her husbands death 12 years prior. He was the love of her life, and their  time together was cut extremely short. After so many years, Kate has become engaged again. This causes a great amount of stress, and her problems are compounded when she begins having very vivid dreams of her late husband. Is she getting married again because she really wants to or because it simply something she is supposed to do. Things definitely don’t feel right, and Kate has some decisions to make.

I enjoyed this book for the most part. I really liked the aspect of Kate working with children through music therapy. I loved her relationship with her former mother in law. The relationships she develops through her work are great. However, I could not stand Dan, her new fiancé. He was a complete arrogant jerk, but I think that was the point. There were also times that Kate was annoying, and seemed to have conflicting stances on certain things. The real shining part of the story is Kate’s relationship with Andrew, her sign language instructor. Their friendship was easy and comforting. I also really enjoyed the dream sequences with her deceased husband, Patrick. They were purposeful, and added a great element of paranormal without being too over the top.

The book overall makes you think about what you would do if you lost someone so close to you. How can you ever move on from something like that? It would be so easy to get caught up in the what ifs, wondering how the rest of your life would have turned out if that person hadn’t died. This is an enjoyable read, Not just a typical love story, but one that is multilayered and really makes you think.

4 stars and lots of champagne for this one! Enjoy!

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