The Girl In 6E

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The Girl in 6E Book Cover The Girl in 6E
A Deanna Madden Novel Book 1
A. R. Torre

My life, inside this apartment is simple. It works, as long as I follow the rules.

1. Don't leave the apartment. Not in case of fire, not to mail a letter, not to run an errand. The door stays shut, and I stay inside.
2. Don't get attached to clients. I take off my clothes, I stand in front of the camera, and I perform. What they want, I give. Their secrets, I keep. Everything I tell them, is a lie.
3. Don't kill anyone. I've obeyed that rule for over three years.

My life, inside this apartment was simple, and it worked. Then, I started breaking rules.

“No one is normal. Everyone is just pretending to be normal.” 

I felt like this book was calling to me. I kept seeing postings about it online. I really had no idea what it was about and for that I was thankful. When I walked into Barnes and Noble last Saturday and saw it on the table I just knew I had to have it. I’ve never read anything by this author, so I also no expectation of her writing style or caliber.

Holy shit, did this book blow me away. I loved every single page of this book. It is sick and twisted and on a whole new level of fucked up. It will make you uncomfortable and will have you cringing many times. It will also make your heart race and cause you to hold your breath. I found myself tearing through this book at a lightning pace. It was so suspenseful that I was quite literally unable to put it down.

Jessica Rielly is one of the best female characters I have read in a while. She’s part Lisbeth Salander, part Dexter part Amy Dunne, but she is 100% on a level all her own. I loved being inside the depravity of her mind. I loved rooting for her, wanting her to fulfill her sick needs. As unbelievable as some things seemed, you can definitely tell that the writer did their research and that this world she creates for us is really not so unbelievable. I also loved the way that the story unfolded. A few different side stories running parallel; paired with some flashbacks led to the perfect weaving of this story. Things are not revealed to the reader until the exact moment they are meant to be.

“But you don’t know the depravity of my mind. You don’t know the thoughts I struggle with, what I fight to contain.

 The last 25% of this book literally gave me chest pains it was so intense. I honestly cannot recommend this book enough and am racing off to read the sequels!

6 heart-pounding stars and a bottle of bourbon! Enjoy! 

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