Steven (Dallas Billionaires #1)

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Steven Book Cover Steven
Dallas Billionaires #1
Kirsten Osbourne

Book One in the Dallas Billionaires Trilogy. When the younger sister of a woman he used to date shows up at his house with a child she claims is his, he convinces they’d be better off living with him than simply taking child support from him. He finds himself wildly attracted to the new “nanny” and sets out to win her heart.


This was a novella, so the insta-love was kind of necessary. No matter how awkward.

The cheesiness was a bonus.

And of course, the three men in this book will all be set up with the three women in the book. GO TEAM!

So yeah, this was a sweet romance, full of kittens and rainbows. It was cheesy and light. I gave it two stars, but if you are looking for something quick and easy, this is a fine choice. Grab a bottle of Rosé and go for it.

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