Sinful Rythms

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Sinful Rythms
Black Lilith
Hazel Jacobs
April 28, 2017

Tessa Hunt is a former English major and current barista who’s stuck working at Starbucks.
She’s got a huge family she loves, a pile of books in her ‘to be read’ pile, and a best friend she’s never met. D came into her life accidentally via an X-rated picture sent to the wrong number one late night five months ago, and the pair of them have been trading texts and secrets ever since.
When D invites her to finally meet at a rock concert, in person, because he has a job opportunity for her, she discovers that her hilarious dorky best friend D is the world-famous Dash Todd, from Black Lilith.
The job he’s lined up for her is shadowing Black Lilith for their Sinful Rhythms tour and writing an article about them for Rolling Stone! That’s the sort of thing that launches careers. But when Tessa tries to coax Dash into a more serious relationship, she realizes that things aren’t as easy as she thought they would be.
Dash makes her weak in knees, but he goes cold the moment she tries to get serious. After so many years of effortless sex with groupies, she can hardly blame him for wanting to avoid commitment.
When another man vies for Tessa’s attention, she needs to decide whether to pursue a relationship with someone who is actually interested or to wait for her rockstar best friend.

Sinful Rhythms is the fourth installment of the Black Lilith series by Hazel Jacobs. Over the course of the series all of the band members have found their better half. The only one left is Dash. Living life on the road as a rock star can make it difficult to find love but Dash has made a most unusual connection via text message with a woman he only knows initially as T.

T is the lovely Tessa whom he accidentally sent a rather private picture. As luck would have it Tessa responded and they have since developed a relationship over the last 6 months. Tessa is an English major who is stuck working at a Starbucks to help her dad support her five siblings. Life is pretty boring and uneventful until her interaction with dash who she only knows as D. Tessa thinks they will never meet and will just be sexting buddies until one day she receives a text from dash saying he will be in her home town and would love to meet her. He also has a job proposal for her.

They meet up at a Black Lilith concert which is when Tessa finally learns that D is actually Dash who is the guitarist for the band. His job proposal involves Tessa touring with the band and writing an article on them. It is this job opportunity that leads to the true development of their romantic relationship. Of course nothing can be achieved without a little miscommunication and help from friends

I really enjoyed the way Dash and Tessa’s relationship began. The whole story was a sweet telling of two people who are in love but can’t communicate well enough to come together without a little help. It was refreshing to read a love story that wasn’t so centered on the sexual encounters. Trust me though the book is not lacking for heat. I look forward to reading more from Hazel Jacobs in the future.

I give 4 Stars to Sinful Rhythms and would pair it with a Black Opal

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