Shaman’s Song by Elle Marlow

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by Elle Marlow
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Published by Summer Solstice
Shaman's Song Book Cover Shaman's Song
Shaman's Song
Elle Marlow
Native Historical Romance
Summer Solstice
April 22, 2014

When an attack over-turns a wagon killing the Martins, their six year old daughter Avery learns to survive in the Smokey Mountains by watching the bears. Avery learns to adapt and to trust until the Shaman's Song changes her life's path and sends her away from the boy who saved her and captivated her child heart.
Panther has always loved his God girl but to protect her he must betray her. Will the song heal her heart and bring her back with forgiveness? Will Avery the woman learn to love Panther the man?


The girl, who wore Panther’s shirt that fell around her like a dress, trusted the boy. She looked Walking Bird straight in the eye with an intensity the Shaman had only seen in the best of warriors. When he returned her stare, she did not flinch nor shy. Her boldness surprised him. There was also something about her, and her friendship with Panther, that made good medicine.
Together, they stood, Panther and the girl and waited for him to speak again.
“We will wait and watch,” he said.
Panther’s face brightened with hope.
“I will hunt for her and teach her how to gather. I can teach her our alphabet and the white alphabet. I will protect her.”

This is the story of a young girl traveling West with her parents when their wagon is turned and her parents are killed. She escapes and survives, but barely. As a small child, she is smart and strong-willed, but she will need more than that to endure in the mountains of Tennessee. When Panther, a native boy only a few years older than her discovers her small, cold body, he feels a primal and soulful need to protect her. 

I loved this story. I loved the playful way that Avery and Panther grew and survived together. I loved how they sacrificed for each other. When Panther had to make the painful decision to choose her needs over his, I ached for him. 

This was a fantastic read! It was perfect for a rainy afternoon and that is exactly when I read it. Elle Marlow’s stories are always powerful in their message and packed full of beauty. She has released several books recently and I eagerly await each one at this point. She is an author to watch!

4.5 stars and a Spicy Bloody Mary in a Mason Jar! Enjoy! 

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