Ride or Die

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Ride or Die
Devils Highwaymen
Claire Riley
June 25

‘We would blow up this world and create something beautiful in its ruins’
Jesse & Laney 1985

We were each survivors of our upbringing: lost, unloved and afraid. But like moths to a flame, we couldn’t stay apart.
We loved.
We lost.
We fought.
We cried.
And then we shattered each other’s hearts.
Jesse was a hard man: a biker outlaw for the Devil’s Highwaymen MC. I was Laney: the daughter of a dead mother and a father that didn’t know or want me.
We were doomed right from the start.
But this was our romance.
And this was our disaster.
And hopefully, this would be our second chance.

Book One in the Ride or Die Devil's Highwaymen MC series

What people are saying so far:

'This author writes without apology and tells it bluntly like she sees it. This is NOT a sweet biker story...it is gritty and rough, and hard to read at times.'

'You've already got my heart aching for the next book'

'Pretty sure that you're the only author that could cross me over to this genre and make me love it'



I loved so much about this book! Jesse is the perfect MC hero. He has an ugly past, is a total bad boy, and total badass, but when it comes to the woman he loves, he will do anything to protect her. He is the perfect example of a tortured soul. He wants so badly to be a good person, but his surrounding circumstances just won’t allow it. Laney is perfect match for him. She wasn’t raised in the biker life but was thrust into it. Her past is also tragic, but she refuses to be a victim to it. Her love for Jesse is unwavering, despite the amount of times he screws up. Their love story is far from perfect, in fact sometimes it is downright ugly, but they cannot deny that they belong together. I also loved the club aspect and the conflict that arises within and with other clubs. There are lots of twists and turns throughout the story that just made me devour it that much faster. This book was definitely instrumental in building a world that will be carried on in the next installment. Things get very dark at some points, as Jesse is faced with some very hard realities. He spirals out of control and has to fight his way out of it. There were a lot of very ugly moments, and while I hated some of their decisions, I was absolutely rooting for Jesse and Laney the whole time. I am impatiently holding my breath for the next book in this series! 5 stars and your favorite bottle of whiskey! 

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