Fearless Love

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by Kennedy Kelly

I received this book for free from the author or publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.
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Fearless Love Book Cover Fearless Love
Kennedy Kelly
Self Published

After tragic loss, walls aren't easily destroyed.

Professor Audra Cole lives a life of heartache after losing her husband in a tragic accident. She simply goes through the motions of caring for her 5-year-old sons and puts on a brave act for her close friends and family When she hires a young man to remodel her home in hopes of helping her move on from memories of her husband, she is unprepared for who walks in. The sexy contractor, with his swagger, single dimple and caring ways, shows Audra that her heart needs a little work too.

Brecken Michaels has closed himself off after a devastating loss. When a beautiful, new client turns his head and makes his heart skip a beat with her quirkiness, brilliant mind and loving ways, Brecken may have to re-evaluate the blueprints of his heart.

Just as Audra and Brecken discover friendship and trust, a life-altering tragedy threatens the new foundation they are building. Will these two crumble under the pressure, or become FEARLESS and blend together to make one solid unit built on LOVE?


I think that this book would have been great if the author had chosen just one crisis moment and allowed the story to center around that. But with 8 separate crises, it just became a roller-coaster that never ended. The storyline didn’t need filler. The concept was great. I was really excited to read it. The idea of losing your husband and having to learn to date, trust and love again? That intrigued me. I wanted to read that story, but it got lost along the way. I do think that Kennedy Kelly is more than capable of writing a great story like that. This was her debut and it got a little off track, but the idea behind the book was great.

I really liked the opening of the book when Audra’s friends drag her out for the night, forcing her to live again after a horrible tragedy. They really did seem super supportive.

I liked Brecken. He was kind and considerate and helpful to a fault. Audra was ok. I could have used some more development on her. We are told she was a professor, but I never read what she taught or what her PhD. was in. And I was surprised how she acted considering her time in academia. I hated Quinn. I don’t care how devoted she was to Audra; her one tracked mind was sophomoric and unnecessary. The girlfriends seemed supportive, but a bit juvenile for their ages and professions. It seemed like every occasion was a bachelorette party. I had a hard time relating to any of the characters. I think if Audra had been developed more, I would have liked her.

The only character I really had a problem with was Quinn. I don’t want to spend this review bashing her; she just wasn’t my kind of friend. She was awesome to Audra, but obviously had some serious daddy issues to deal with.

The POV while in Audra’s head was fine, but I did not connect with Brecken’s POV. He seemed one dimensional during those parts, which was a shame because his character had interesting back story.

I was a bit confused as to when their relationship began. I got the KA vibe when she was ignoring his advancements and he was ignoring her declining him. That was cute, but it still all seemed a bit rushed, especially when she turned to him for help with her children. That is a serious step to take. I wouldn’t have been able to turn my kids over to a man I didn’t know.

The one thing that did bother me was that it felt to me that in order for Audra to fall for Brecken she had to find fault in her deceased husband. I didn’t like that. It felt ugly. She loved him enough to not leave her home for a year, the fact that she started discovering all his faults as she got to know Brecken saddened me.

I think that all and all, the story told proved that Kennedy Kelly is quite creative and as she finds her footing her books will only get better and better. This book was an excellent example of an author whose mind is filled with stories just begging to be told. I will read her next book as I believe it will be a great.

2.5 stars and a chocolate port, as I know Audra would approve.

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