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Kandi Steiner
April 20, 2017

From the bestselling author of Weightless and A Love Letter to Whiskey

Wren Ballard is trying to find herself.

She never expected to be divorced at twenty-seven, but now that the court date has passed, it's official. The paperwork is final. Her feelings on it aren't.

Spending the summer in a small mountain town outside Seattle is exactly what she needs. The peaceful scenery is a given, the cat with the croaky meow is a surprise, but the real kicker? A broody neighbor with nice arms, a strange reputation, and absolutely no interest in her.

Anderson Black is perfectly fine being lost.

He doesn't care about the town's new resident -- he's too busy fighting his own demons. But when he's brought face to face with Wren, he can see her still-fresh wounds from a mile away. What he doesn't see coming is his need to know who put them there -- or his desperation to mend them.

Sometimes getting lost is the way to find yourself. Sometimes healing only adds a new scar. And sometimes the last place you expected to be is exactly where you find home.

To say that I loved this story would be an understatement.  I truly enjoyed every single word of this book. Wren was a great female lead. I loved watching her journey back to herself.  The author truly made you feel like you were going through every emotion with her. Her story felt so real and so relatable. She is so beaten down by life in the beginning that I wasn’t sure how she was going to make it. Seeing her finally accept herself for who she is was inspiring.   Anderson was such a great hero. He too was incredibly broken, but for completely different reasons. His story absolutely broke my heart. He is such a strong man, and to see his flaws and insecurities come out when he opens up to Wren made me swoon.  I loved the way these two had an instant attraction, but not necessarily instant love. They were both hesitant to admit their feelings, but there was exactly the right amount of build up for it to be just incredible when they finally do give in. I really liked the fact that neither of them saved the other, but instead gave each other the strength and space to heal themselves. There is a lot of heartache in this story, but there were also a lot of funny moments. Momma Von was one of the best side characters I’ve read in a long time. Her words of wisdom were awesome little gems in an already great story.  The word of the day at the beginning of each chapter, and the running ‘90’s soundtrack throughout the book were also nice additions to the story.  I can’t recommend this book enough.  5 stars and an incredibly large bottle of wine. Enjoy!

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