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by Priscilla West
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Rescued Book Cover Rescued
Priscilla West
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“There would be no happy ending for us. He was too damaged. I was too broken.”

The conclusion to USA Today bestselling author Priscilla West’s New Adult Novel Wrecked.

Wrecked should be read before this book.

Lorrie’s semester started off hopeful but ended in disaster. Now, she’s even more lost and confused than she was at the beginning of the year. As Lorrie flees to the only family she has left, she has to come to terms with how things ended with Hunter.

Hunter has fought for so long to keep the truth from Lorrie in an effort to protect her, but that has only caused more heartache and pain.

Realizing his mistake, Hunter has made a vow to get Lorrie back, but is it too late?

Will Hunter be able to overcome his own demons and help Lorrie through her pain, or are they destined to keep hurting each other?

Rescued, the follow up to Wrecked, by Priscilla West, is an emotion filled roller coaster. At the conclusion of Wrecked, things with Lorrie and Hunter are completely messed up. Due to a series of huge misunderstandings and total lack of communication, Lorrie has fled college and Hunter. The murder of Lorrie’s mother by her stepfather is something that she just cannot put behind and her and her stepfather is hell bent on not making that any easier on her. Hunter is afraid to tell Lorrie everything that he has been hiding from her for fear that she will either leave him or pity him. Not many young women want to deal with a man who has a progressive debilitating disease. He does come to find her and win her back, but as we already know it will not be an easy road.

I loved the Rescued just as much as I loved Wrecked. There is a lot of heavy subject material to deal with here, so if you’re looking for a roses and sunshine wrap-up you will be disappointed. Given their circumstances and their relationship, everything is very realistic and relatable. My heart ached for them both. They needed each other so much, but the things they were dealing with made it so hard for them to communicate. Neither wanted to seem weak or needy. Pride is sometimes not a good trait to have. It’s not all doom and gloom though. There are some incredibly sweet moments that Lorrie and Hunter shared, and I feel like I appreciated them more given the hard times they were having.

Again the last third of this book was like a freight train. I absolutely devoured this book. I had to know how things were going to play out between Hunter and Lorrie as well as how they deal with everything in the outside world.

5 stars and grab a couple cold beers, you’re going to need them! Enjoy!

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