Red’s Top Twenty Faves for 2014

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Red's Top Twenty Faves for 2014 Book Cover Red's Top Twenty Faves for 2014

We’ve read a lot of books this year. A LOT! Some were good; a small few were not so good. Then there were the ones that blew us away. The ones that made us laugh out loud, cry rivers of real tears. The ones that we annoyingly shoved in our friends faces until they agreed to read them and then sat back and waited for the OMG texts and phone calls telling that we were right. Some we had been waiting for what seemed like an eternity, and others seemed to come out of nowhere and shocked us with how amazingly good they were. We had way too many favorites to narrow it down to just 10 so we picked 20 of the best books of 2014! Pick a few or go ahead and read them all! (These are in no particular order, as that would just be way too hard!!)


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