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I received this book for free from the author or publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Progress Book Cover Progress
Progress #1
Amalie Silver


I admit, I didn’t think much of Charlie at first. She was rounder than the girls who usually caught my eye. Not my type. But when I saw her sitting in that booth alone, for the first time something in my mind or my instincts or my heart told me to join her.

She defied me.
She challenged me.
She gave me hope.
Before I knew it, moving forward was my only option.


I couldn’t tell you when it happened, but it had to have been a gradual change; I never moved too quickly.

If someone would have told me earlier that year what I was going to go through, I wouldn't have believed them.

Jesse was so different from anyone I’d met before. And everyone I’ve met since. He sucked all the life out of me, in the best—and worst—ways.

We don’t get strong overnight. For most of us it takes time. Strength isn’t measured by how high and fast our walls go up, but how easily we can watch them fall.

This book contains material that might be a trigger for some readers. Abuse and rape are implied, but not described in detail. Discretion is advised.

This book is going to change lives.

“Don’t get me wrong—on the outside I was tough, funny, and was able to easily laugh at myself. But inside I was a festering cesspool of shame and self-loathing.”

I don’t know what to say about this book. I have spent months trying to write a review and the truth is that I don’t know how to do it. I was left raw and exposed when I finished Progress. This book made me face things that I had been avoiding. I had to deal with feelings I was denying. Feelings that had been repressed for years. The honesty and vulnerability Silver showed in writing this book makes it one of the powerful stories I have ever read.

We all had that one person or thing in our life that made us feel less than others. Whether it was a lifetime of torment or a fleeting moment, it still crushes you. No one deserves to feel that. And learning to hold your head high in the face of that; learning to love yourself and finding value in who you are on your own is the most important lesson you can ever learn.

This is Charlie’s story. There is a guy, but this isn’t a romance, not really. Their story together is all too familiar. That first real relationship. You know the one. Where you have to learn the balance between where you end and he begins. I am trivializing what happens between Charlie and Jesse. Their story is huge. It is paralyzing at times. In the end, like me, you will be left feeling raw and exposed. Wondering how this author tapped into a place in you that you were positive no one knew about.

Very rarely does a book touch me like this one did. It kept me up at night thinking. It broke my heart. It made me stronger. I cannot say enough about Progress. I have immense respect for Amalie Silver. This book is beautiful.

5 stars. Pair this one with a  First Love.

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