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Priceless Book Cover Priceless
Once Wicked Series #1
Sarah J. Pepper

"It was everything
Could do to breathe when his gaze fell to my lips. Her perilous stare left me without words. It was the very way a lover left you speechless with a passing glance. But Declan didn’t just take a glimpse. He hardly blinked as he stepped closer, like he
All space between us eliminated. Simultaneously, I gravitated towards him and wanted to run away. Everything I thought I knew about love and hate was destroyed in a heartbeat. The two were opposing feelings; they were collegial. And it was all because of

Sometimes the bad boys have the greatest romance stories. In the Once Wicked Series, the infamous villains we love to hate are no different. But in this series, they finally get the chance to tell their stories...

Updated and re-edited. Originally published in the Fairy Tale Confessions anthology.

Declan aka Rumplestiltskin made a deal 20 years ago, for the soul of Emilie’s first born. He has been keeping an eye on Piper all these years and it has finally come time for the debt to be paid. Declan never expected for Piper to touch his black heart the way she has. Can he go through with his plan to take her soul and gain his freedom? Or will she topple everything he has been working towards?

Sarah J. Pepper does it again in this retelling of Rumplestiltskin and the Pied Piper. Pepper has such an amazing way of taking the fairy tales we all know and love and turning them into something more. I love how she translates them into modern-day love stories. I look forward to reading the rest of their story in Soulless.

I give Priceless 3 stars and would pair it with a Dagger shooter

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