Not the One by Amy Daws

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Not the One Book Cover Not the One
Amy Daws
Stars Hollow Publishing

My name is Reyna Miracle. Even though a part of my name is Miracle, there’s nothing miraculous about me. My body portrays the tales of my life. Every feeling, every heartbreak, every emotion. Marked. Inked. Stained. A walking canvas of my messed up truth. But there’s one confession I can’t put in a tattoo. A confession that will kill me to tell, but my best friend died before I had the chance. Now I’m left with him. The only one who can hold me in the night and squeeze that spot on my neck that feels like my lifeline between sanity and chaos. But we don’t work together. We’re absolute poison for each other. We’re a stifling, suffocating, sickness of darkness. But I feel safe...because I’ve made an art of pushing people away. Now he’s pushing back… And making me believe... Making me wonder... Maybe, just maybe... I could be the one.

“It’s a painful thing not living up to other people’s standards of you. It’s an even more painful thing when you’re not even surprised.”

Sometimes life takes a nasty turn. You could be on the right road. I mean the RIGHT road, you know, that road that everyone wishes they found themselves on, and life sideswipes you. You find yourself on a dirt path in the ugly part of town and what’s worse, you don’t even care. That dirt path is pretty much where we find our heroine when this book begins. I was immediately intrigued. She was riddled in guilt and cold as ice. She had something to hide and she built some nasty walls to keep the world out.

Daws did a great job writing this book. Transitioning between past and presence was great. I loved the way we got hints of Rey’s past and the things that haunted her. I am not usually a fan of love triangles, but this book was so well written that I couldn’t put it down. There was so much pain and angst. Rey had to make a choice. And I had to know who she would choose!

So yeah, I wasn’t always a fan of Rey. She was self-destructive and made some really bad choices, but given her history it was easy to look beyond her actions and keep reading to see where it was all leading us.

The secondary characters were fabulous and added some much needed levity to the story. It felt good to laugh every once in a while. Rey’s life was rough and we needed the break from time to time.

If you are in the mood for something angsty, this is the read for you! It’s a smart and quick read that you won’t regret.

4 stars and pair it with a shot of Hot Damn!

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