Neverland Evermore

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Neverland Evermore
Sarah Pepper
May 27,2016

Captain James It's her mouth—that infuriating, unbecoming mouth of hers that I can't Goddamn stand. Miss Bell twists words around, manipulating them to be suit her needs. She provokes me. Purposely. It sets my blood on fire. I can't stand to be around her, and yet I can't damn well think straight when she's gone. And those sassy lips—Christ, I can't very well behave like a captain when she licks them, giving me the once over. Bloody hell. She'll be my undoing. I know it. She knows it and doesn't deny it either. Miss Bell The cheeky bastard. I know better than to fall for men like him—a captain with wildly inappropriate intentions at best. But I can't help myself. Created from evil, I lure abhorrent men to Neverland, an island prison. And Captain James is as corrupt as pirates come. Yet, even as possessive, ruthless and dangerous as he proves time and again, I can't imprison him. He's awakened a desire in me—a desire untameable as the Seven Seas. What we have is dark, addictive and as flawed as each other, but being with him is the greatest adventure I've ever experienced. For once, I have a future worth fighting for and then a pathetic boy from my past strolls back into my life, threatening to destroy our twisted, perfect life.

Sarah Pepper never ceases to amaze me with her twists on old childhood fairytales. Neverland Evermore: Book One in the Never Ever series doesn’t disappoint. Her ability to give old characters new lives and stories is unparalleled.

In this tale the old villain we know as Captain Hook is our protagonist. We meet hook prior to the loss of his hand when he is known as Captain James Jones. In this tale the Captain doesn’t lose his hand to an alligator but during a mutiny on his ship. This mutiny is orchestrated by none other than Peter Pan! That our villain has become the hero and the hero a villain is fantastic. Let’s not forget that little Wendy and her brothers Michael and John also play their roles.  Everything you thought you knew about Peter, Hook and Neverland is turned on its head.

What has lead the Captains crew to revolt? Peter spreads lies and rumors about the girl that was brought on board before this mutiny. Who is this girl you ask? None other than Tinkerbell! Now known as Miss Bell, she was rescued by Captain and crew, floating in the water on a piece of wood. Her skin was burned, with moss growing on it and her hair permanently stained by seaweed. The Captain was immediately mesmerized by her beauty and fierceness even so near death. Miss Bell holds all the secrets of Neverland and will reveal truths of that place that you never dreamed possible.

I can’t wait to jump into the second half of this story and see how Bell and the Captains love story will play out.  It is always a pleasure to read Sarah’s magnificent twists on stories I’ve loved since childhood.

I give Neverland Evermore 4 stars  and would pair it with your favorite rum done up the way you like best

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