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OK, we all know about pairing books and alcohol. After all, that’s why you’re even reading this post, right? Because my fabulous friends at FortheLoveofBooksandAlcohol know all about that combo and do a great job giving you that info! For a little change of pace, I decided to pair music and alcohol. We’re all (likely) familiar with having tears in our beer, or what happens when we drink red, red wine (did you read that, or sing it?!). But there’s a bunch of whiskey songs, and clearly they’re in need of their own pairing! So turn up the volume to 11 on these, and grab your favorite bottle. Sláinte!


Sunshine and WhiskeyFrankie Ballard


With lyrics like, “Every time you kiss me, it’s like sunshine and whiskey”, this is a great summertime, whiskey sippin’ song. Ballard’s voice is smooth and sweet, just like some of my favorite whiskey.


What to drink: Four Roses Small Batch. You pretty much can’t go wrong with any Four Roses, but the small batch is delicious, usually easy to find and affordable (around $32). If it’s a day drinkin’ sort of thing, try their Yellow Label ($22) mixed into a tasty punch with muddled peaches, mint and your favorite ginger ale.


Machine Gun MomentWhiskey Bitches


I’m not usually a huge fan of female rock singers, but Whiskey Bitches are an exception. There’s something about her voice that just grabs me and makes me listen. And with a name like Whiskey Bitches, I was already in!


What to drink: George Dickel Whisky No. 12. On another musical note, country legend Merle Haggard was once a poster-boy for Dickel whisky, with the tagline, “Water’s for teardrops, Dickel’s for drinkin’.” I’d agree! Dickel 12 is smooth, and also mixes well. I created a cocktail that I named Call Me George: No. 12, chocolate bitters and ginger beer. Delicious!


One Bourbon, One Scotch, One BeerGeorge Thorogood

A bar anthem the world over (or at least, the US over), this is just a fun song. Give it your once-a-year listen and sip on some Scotch (or bourbon, or beer, I won’t judge).


What to drink: Monkey Shoulder Blended Scotch. Originally created to give bartenders in the UK a mid-price Scotch for mixing, Monkey Shoulder has gained popularity and moved to the US. For the price (usually around $30), you can’t beat this Scotch. Try it with Drambuie in a Rusty Nail.
Whiskey in the JarMetallica


Whiskey and metal go together like, well, whiskey and metal. James & company saw better musical years before this particular song came out, but I like the grit that they bring to this little bit o’ the Irish.


What to drink: Jameson. Really? What did you expect me to say?! If you see it, get the Gold Reserve or the 12 year. It’ll cost you a little more, but it’s not the Jameson you’ve been drinking all this time: it’s way better.



Have a Drink on MeAC/DC


C’mon, who doesn’t love a good AC/DC song? Yes, I know – a possibly-over-the-hill 80s frontman is trying to belt out their tunes right now, but hopefully that’s not forever. Skip the live stuff, and go right for the stuff we all know and love (and sing along with in our cars)!


What to drink: Whatever in the hell you want!

by Jeanne Runkle

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Jeanne Runkle lives here, and sometimes there. Her favorite spirit is whiskey, be it bourbon, rye, or American. You can even take out the e, and give her Scotch. Check out her other whiskey musings at Cheers!







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