Motivation Monday

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I’ve spent the last week killing myself at the gym in preparation for our Tough Mudder race. run, swim, weight train, repeat. I complained about being sore and tired. At one point I am sure I sounded like that kid in gym class. You know the one. That kid who always had some lame-ass excuse for why he sucked or couldn’t try hard. The old, “The sun was in my eyes!” bullshit. Well, no more.

Today I remember Kerri Strug at the 1996 Olympics. If you are old enough, you remember this moment. Strug was injured while landing her vault. She needed a higher score in order to claim the gold for the U.S. so she went again, despite the damage to her ankle. She nailed the next vault landing on both feet before quickly shifting to one foot and then collapsing. She was amazing. An inspiration to the world. This video still gives me chills.

The first vault, causing the injury:

Her winning landing that earned the U.S. the gold:

FYI, later at the hospital she was treated for third-degree lateral sprain and tendon damage. I will not complain about the sun being in my eyes this week.


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