Montana Sky

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Montana Sky Book Cover Montana Sky
Nora Roberts
Penguin Group

When Jack Mercy died, he left behind a ranch worth nearly twenty million dollars. Now his three daughters—each born of a different marriage, and each unknown by the others—are gathered to hear the reading of the will. But the women are shocked to learn that before any of them can inherit, they must live together on the ranch for one year. They are sisters—and strangers. Now they face a challenge: to put their bitterness aside and live like family. To protect each other from danger—and unite against an enemy who threatens to destroy them all?

“Being dead didn’t make Jack Mercy any less of a son of a bitch”

I gave this book 3 stars because I loved and didn’t. It’s a little bit cheesy but I am still a sucker for a cowboy story or anything that happens out West, especially on a ranch.

As a horse person there were some inaccuracies that bugged me a little but I try not to dwell on those things. As a sister I appreciated the different idiosyncrasies of each character and how they learned to love each other – embracing one another’s differences. The growth of each woman throughout the book was awesome. I wasn’t a fan of these girls in the beginning, though I did relate to them in a way. Even early on. So the character development was important to me. I was able to connect with them more and more as the story unfolded.

I thought the mystery part was fun and I wasn’t sure who was doing what. It was darker than I expected it to be. But we do get the bad guys POV for part of the book; I enjoyed that change of pace. It’s always interesting to be in an enemy’s mind. I mean it’s Nora Roberts; she always does a great job right? I also loved the setting for this book. Mercy Ranch sounds like a place I would love to live. Well, except for all the murder and such.

There was a lot happening in this book but when you step back and look at it, each sister had her own story. So yeah, there’s going to be three different sets of drama and of course something that brings them all together. I definitely loved the guys! They were perfect. But like I said it’s Nora Roberts, she tends to write a great guy. They balanced our heroines perfectly and after all the darkness it was kind of nice to see them each get their happily ever after.

So it was a little cheesy in some parts. It was exciting in other parts. We got to see family struggles and even better families coming together to fight. It had some great romance. And some wicked nemeses. All in all that makes for a pretty good book.

So yeah, I gave it three stars. I was thoroughly entertained and I will definitely read Nora Roberts again.

Three stars and pair it with a Cowboy Cocktail. Cheers!

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Montana Sky

Make the Drink


Cowboy Cocktail


3 fresh mint leaves

Crushed ice

1/2 lime, juiced

1 shot tequila blanco

1 bottle beer (recommended: Corona)

Fresh mint sprig, for garnish


Place mint leaves in bottom of highball glass. Fill with crushed ice. Add lime juice, stir, then add the tequila and beer. Garnish with mint sprig.

Recipe courtesy of Sandra Lee

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