Lovin’ on You – Exclusive Excerpt

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Lovin’ on You – Exclusive ExcerptLovin' on You
He’s a cocky musician.

She showed up at a bar in her pajamas.

Is he stalking me?

I call it fate.

He’s cheesy.

I prefer the term romantic.

Maybe I was wrong about him.

I’m determined to make her mine.

I fell in love with him.

She’s my muse.

Life has other plans for us.

I’ll fight for her.

I’ll protect his image.

I miss her.

I watch his success from afar.

She’s mine.

I need to fix this ...more

All I can think about on the drive home is what Olivia is doing. I change routes and head her way. I need to feel her, taste her, and I want to use up the rest of the chocolate sauce before I eat her pussy.

I knock on her door and wait for her to answer, but I see Jen instead.

“Well, look what the cat dragged in. I thought you were Ryder. Couldn’t resist one night without her?” She teases.

“Where is she?” I ignore the Ryder comment. I don’t want to have to wake up to his white ass tomorrow.

“She’s up in her room.” Jen opens the door wider, and I walk in.


“I don’t know. But, if she is, I’m sure she won’t complain about you waking her up.” She winks.

I walk up the stairs, laughing at Jen’s honesty, and open the door to Olivia’s room slowly. When I walk in I see Olivia lying asleep on her bed with her laptop open. The laptop displays some pictures of me and the guys and our album cover. I know Cole had sent her some stuff for her to look at, but I didn’t think she had gotten around to it.

I close her computer and place it on her desk. I walk back and watch her a second. She’s beautiful. I run my finger down her arm and she shifts but doesn’t wake up. I lean in and kiss her softly. Her soft moan shoots straight to my dick. Despite feeling a little guilty about waking her up for sex, I want to see her blue eyes as she falls apart. She’ll thank me later.

I kiss her again, my tongue running along the seam of her lips. She moans a little louder and slowly blinks. Then she jumps back.

“Shit!” She sits on the bed and looks at me. “You scared the crap out of me.”

“Sorry,” I laugh. “What’d you think?”

“I don’t know. Someone had broken into my room. What’s up with you staring at someone while they sleep?” She exhales and relaxes a bit.

“I was actually kissing you.”


“You moaned. Twice.”

“I thought it was in my dream!”

“So you dream about me?” She rolls her eyes and lies back down.

“Sometimes.” She smiles. “What are you doing here?” She places her hands under her cheek and looks at me sleepily.

“I wanted to see you.”


Copyright 2017, Fabiola Francisco


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