Love War

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Love War
Cary Hart
July 20,1017

What happens when happily ever after isn't happy? When everything you thought you knew changes?



Until him. Until her.

Second chances...

Until them.


The past may have won the battles, but can Love win the War?

Cary Hart explores the world of life after divorce in Love War. Love War begins with a woman named Aubrey. Aubrey has been stuck in a loveless marriage trying to make things work for some time but there comes a point where enough is enough. Our story begins when Aubrey finally finds the courage to end her marriage.

Fast forward nine months. Our story is now a tale of renewal and rejuvenation. Aubrey, with the help of her bestie Niki, is finding her way back into the dating world. One special weekend when Aubrey’s daughter is with her father, Niki forces Aubrey to get all dolled up for a night on the town. Aubrey has no expectations for this night out and even though she thinks she doesn’t want to do anything but hibernate all weekend, she is forced to admit that it feels nice to be done up and looking like a sexy, desirable woman again. While out at the club Aubrey draws the attention of Drew. Drew can’t take his eyes off of Aubrey. She is owning that dance floor and he doesn’t hesitate to join her.

Drew walks away from Aubrey after that dance. He doesn’t want to but as a soon to be divorced man he just doesn’t feel right bringing someone into the mess that is his life. A night on the town and a series of coincidences bring Drew and Aubrey together. Each of them finds that missing piece in the other. Their story goes deeper than just a relationship, though neither of them knows it.

I thought I had the big secret all figured, I was wrong! You will not see this bombshell coming. Every characters life is changed by the secrets that are revealed. As damaging as the secrets are they also allow the characters to move on and rebuild. It is no kind of life when you’re carrying around a bunch of guilt.

I give Love War 4 stars and would pair it with a Manhattan

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