Lost Betrayal

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by F.J. Thomas
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I received this book for free from the author or publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Lost Betrayal Book Cover Lost Betrayal
F.J. Thomas
Western Romance
Solstice Publishing
March 4, 2014


Sage is just getting her life back together when a tornado touches down and destroys her family ranch in northern Georgia taking her hopes, her dreams and the very horse that the ranch’s future hinges on. An ex rodeo cowboy with a past, Garrett has sworn off rodeo and the last thing he needs is entanglement with a woman on a wild horse chase but there’s too many unanswered questions, such as how a horse could stay gone so long. 

Refusing to believe her horse was killed in the storm and refusing to give up on the ranch, Sage begins the journey of rebuilding her life once again and searching for the horse that to her, holds the past and her future. Sordid secrets and malicious betrayal jeopardize her efforts. Is she strong enough to push past the hurt and the lies in order to get back all she holds dear?

It was wonderfully refreshing to read a book written by a true equestrian. 

Lost Betrayal is the story of Sage, a woman refuses to break. Her husband betrays her, he beloved father passes and she is fighting against even her own mother to keep the family ranch afloat. With the spirit of a barrel racer, Sage refuses to go down without a fight. 

When we meet Sage, she is racing a tornado, literally. She is racing to her family to warn them and make sure that they make it to safety and she is racing to release the horses so they are not killed within the confines of the stable. The book has your heart racing from the first page. I was quite surprised when I turned the page discovered I was reading from the POV of Sage’s horse. I loved this twist in the story! 

Garrett is a man shadowed by his past. Years have passed, but since meeting Sage, he worries that the mistakes of his early days will turn her away from him before he can even convince her to give him a chance. He inspired by her will and spunk, but will it be enough?

I loved the plot of this story each of the characters. I would have like to have seen more development between the main characters and also between Sage and her mother. The dynamic between her and her mother was quite interesting. That being said, there was enough secondary stories and characters that this could easily be a series. 

The POV jumping was different than what I am used to, but once I was familiar with the author’s writing style, it did not distract me. 

3.5 stars and a Spicy Bloody Mary! Enjoy! 

ARC offered in exchanged for an honest review.

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