Let it be Us

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Let it be Us Book Cover Let it be Us
Let it be Me #2
Barbara Speak

Montana has become everything Arianna Dubray never wanted it be. Home. Now, with every part of her Boston life behind her, she has all she needs to watch her future unfold in her little country life: her sister, Shelby, and the man that captured her heart and never let go, Canyon Michaels.
But Canyon was sure Arianna was never coming back, and in the midst of his excitement, he doesn't reveal the one thing that could shatter his dreams of being with her for the rest of his life.
When every secret comes to light, the only thing left to do is to leave their love in fate's hands.

This is the follow up to the best selling novel, Let it be Me and should be read in order.

“You are my Goddamn everything. You are what makes me who I want to be, and I will never go back to what I was without you.”

I fell in love with Ari and Canyon while reading Let it be Me. Reading Let it be Us only solidified those feelings.
In this second book Ari and Canyon are faced with a new set of challenges. Challenges that are hard for anyone, but especially for such a young couple. Unlike the first book, in this book, we witness how Ari and Canyon face conflict as a couple. I enjoyed this because these two really didn’t have anyone but each other. They stayed strong when they wanted to give up. And speaking of strong, Ari is one bad chicka. She is so tough and full of compassion. She shows grace and kindness in situations that would make most of lash out. As far as heroines go, Ari is a favorite for me.
I am always a sucker for a country boy and Canyon is OMG swoontastic. (Mac Robinson as the cover model never hurts either, ladies.) I really loved Canyon’s storyline in this book. His integrity is just as sexy as the rest of him. Speak tore him to shreds with conflict in this book. He fought throughout the story to do right by the people in his life.
This was a great read. I knocked it out in one day, mostly because I just couldn’t put it down. The world building and writing was fantastic. I was completely invested in the story. The author purposely gives us bits of foreshadowing as we read. Just enough to keep us thinking we know what is going to happen. Then there is the end. Oh the end. All I can say is that the end is fantastically clever! And cruel! I loved it! And I hated it! I won’t give you any spoilers, but I will say that when you read the moment I am thinking of, you will understand how I felt. GAH! It was so well done!

4.5 Stars for my favorite cowboy and his girl! Pair it with a Flat Belly Amber from the Montana Brewing Company

Let it be Mehttp://amzn.to/1UL6TQH

Let it be Ushttp://amzn.to/1P7eEi9

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