Josey’s Mountain

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by Elle Marlow
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I received this book for free from the author or publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Published by Summer Solstice
Josey's Mountain Book Cover Josey's Mountain
Elle Marlow
Summer Solstice

Two years ago, Josey Starr lost her husband. She’ll be damned if she loses her ranch too. The wolves are after her cattle, and someone is out for her land. Josey knows she needs help but she doesn’t want it from Hawk Marlow. She trusted him once – and vowed she never would again. She’s better off alone – isn’t she?

Hawk thinks he’s just checking his investment. But he’s invested more than he realizes. The land he acquired by default belongs to “The one that got away.” Hawk has something to prove – old flames never die; they just burn hotter on the Second Strike Ranch.

“What if what’s broken is buried under a mountain of ice?”

I have yet to read a book by Elle Marlow that I don’t love. Josey’s Mountain is no exception.

Josey’s life is turned upside down when her husband dies and leaves her to run their ranch alone. Josey quickly discovers that the wolves attacking her livestock are the least of her worries. Then to add to everything else, Hawk, the man who broke her heart, returns.

The genius of this story is that it isn’t a love reunited story. It is a mystery, suspense, fight-for-who-you-are, have-the-courage-of-your-convictions and reunite with an old love story. I read as parallel stories unfolded. I loved the twists and turns behind the mysteries of the ranch. Marlow developed and intertwined the stories masterfully. During parts of the book I was actually talking out loud to my kindle. I couldn’t figure out who to trust!

“What choice is there? I lost my husband. I lost my parents. I’m not losing my ranch too.”

I absolutely fell in love with Josey, Hawk and several of the town’s people. The stage was definitely set for a series revolving around this small town. Josey had moxy and I loved her for it! She had grit and a strength you had to respect. Another person in her situation may have lost hope and given up, but not our girl! She fought and kept it classy. A cowgirl through and through. And Hawk. Ever so dreamy Hawk. He was the stuff cowgirls dream about. He was the kind of man who is strong enough to love a strong woman as she is. The chemistry between them was HOT! Not to mention so grounded and relatable. I was completely in tune with them. The banter, flirting, awkward conversations and loving words all felt so real. They complimented each other fabulously.

I give this book five stars and read it with a spicy Bloody Mary (Elle Marlow style.)

ARC was generously offered in exchange for an honest review.

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