Interview with KI Lynn

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k-i-lynnHi K.I and thanks for taking the time to answer some questions for us!

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? Where are you from? How did you start writing?
Well, I’m a 30 something in body and a 20 year old at mind and heart… okay, maybe 21 for legal drinking purposes. An Indianapolis native, I am currently transplanted in Ohio, near Cincinnati.
Writing started long ago in a galaxy far, far away called Carmel Junior High. There with trusty sidekicks, we ruled our imaginary world with our fantastical characters. It was something that continued on for many years and though life has slowed us down, we still try and write together when we can. By myself came when I became addicted to Twilight. From there, I started writing fanfiction and everything exploded from there.

Breach is one of my all time favorite books. That series is so powerful and all consuming. What inspired Delilah and Nathan’s story?
Originally, Breach was just supposed to be a hot, sexy push-the-boundaries story. Nathan wasn’t that messed up, and Lila was pretty normal. Well, as with all stories, that quickly changed as I got into things. Their lives took on a darker tone and their love one for the ages.

Nobody pens sexual tension like you do. I literally hold my breath as I read some of those moments in your books. Do you ever make yourself blush?
Ha! Only when someone else reads it in front of me. Or a longtime family friend of my parents who I find out reads it. lol! Otherwise, when writing, I’m so wrapped up in the moment, in the characters, in trying to find words for what is going on with them and the situation.

What is the hardest part about being an author?
Getting words out of my head. Books run in my brain like a movie, but putting those pictures into words is insanely difficult! Which is why it takes me longer to write.

Will you tell us one of your favorite author moments to date?
Author moments? Probably the first time I was invited to a book signing. I love meeting fans, so being invited to join in on an environment where I’d get to meet a lot at once was huge.

Where will your readers be able to find you in the next year? Are you going to be at any events?
I have a spreadsheet just for this info! It’s a bit more than I planned for 2017.
Book Splash
Romancing the Seas 3/30/2017
Talkbooks Boston 4/8/2017
Wild and WIndy in the City 5/13/17
Bookish Denver 8/5/2017
Tempting and Tantalizing NY 9/30/17
Love of Books and Chicago 10/14/17

Lastly, Desert Island!!!! You’re stuck on a desert island, you can have the following things:
One book – Twilight
Three authors (past or present) – That’s a very hard one, because 2 of my best friends are authors, so of course them! The third? Oh, that’s a thinker…
Elena M Reyes
N Isabelle Blanco
One adult beverage – Sex with Hunter
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