Interview with Christy Pastore 2016

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Hi Christy! We are so excited to be here with you again! 

Your first book, Fifteen Weekends, was an ensemble cast with the women’s stories intertwining. What was your favorite part about writing that?

For me, it was all about balance. Introducing the characters one at time instead of an opening scene where they were altogether, it gives time for the readers to build familiarity with those characters individually.  I felt not doing so would have created confusion because of the “info dump” of a mass of personalities and backstories. Not only that but, it was fun to allow each character to shine while still being part of the “team.”   


And did you find it to be more difficult than other stories with single characters?

It was challenging because the pacing, certain elements of each story needed to cross/lap over with another character’s or sometimes both and hitting that sweet spot for climatic and pivotal scenes was key. The file folder for Fifteen Weekends is as thick as an encyclopedia.


Do you secretly have a favorite character from that book?

Amanda’s character was my favorite to write for sure. While all three woman are relatable, Amanda is this emotionally fucked up narcissist, the girl has tons of baggage – we’ve all met/dealt with someone like Amanda in our life it was fun drawing it all out on paper.


Fashion is a constant in your books, can you tell us a little bit about your fashion background and how it helps with your writing?

Fashion has been a constant in my life for as long as I can remember. Seventeen and YM were my style bible’s until I was old enough to appreciate Vogue and Elle. The Golden Globes is my Super Bowl. I obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Textiles, Apparel and Merchandising from Indiana State University. I started my writing career as an intern for a very popular Celebrity Entertainment Website. After a few months I was offered a Contributing Columnist position where I authored twice weekly posts pertaining to fitness and beauty. Unfortunately the economy took a dive and the site couldn’t keep me on. I needed an outlet for creativity so I started my own celebrity style/entertainment blog and kept writing. In my novels, fashion plays a key role, you can tell a lot about a person by their style of dress. Not only that, but it just adds fun elements to the story and the characters.


You went a different direction with your Unscripted series. That series definitely had a different feel than the Fifteen Weekend series.

What inspired you to write unscripted and perfectly scripted? The story for Unscripted was an idea that transpired from a dream. I woke up with this fantastic idea for a story, and I immediately put notes on paper somewhere around two in the morning. The next day I went in to my office, checked my notes and just started typing away. The story flew from my mind so quickly—the whole process was amazing.


Who is your male muse for that book?

Richard Madden is my muse for the charming Irishman that is Ronan Connolly. It was funny because I’d already written like five or six chapters in unScripted and I had this image of Ronan in my head – tall, slender build, with amazing green eyes and curly chestnut hair. One afternoon, my husband was watching Game of Thrones, I’d never seen it, and I heard this voice that was deep, sultry and smooth. Literally “the cadence of his voice” drew me in!  Immediately I asked, “Who is that?” My husband didn’t know the actor’s name, but he said “Robb Stark.” {Heads to Google to look up new-found hottie} I think I was transfixed under a spell— the lips, the hair, and those alluring blue eyes. I digress, from that moment he became “Ronan” for me, and spurred all kinds of creativity.


Are there any parts The Scripted Series that you hold near and dear to your heart?

Holliday, our heroine, had endured a traumatic event in her life – two and a half years before meeting our hero, Ronan.  There is a scene when she talks about the tragedy in her life, and I love the honesty and openness between the two characters during this conversation. I don’t like when characters keep things hidden for a terribly long amount of time, and with this scene in particular I’m fond of it because Holliday has this authenticity about her — “this is me, take it or leave it.” I love brave characters, and in that moment it took real courage from her to divulge something so personal.


 Do you have any books or authors who have inspired you in your writing career?

Captivating storytelling is one reason I am a big fan of the romantic suspense genre. Sidney Sheldon’s books have stayed with me over the years. There is something hypnotic about his writing. Michael Crichton is an ingenious storyteller, and there is no better example of that than his book, Disclosure. Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn – what can I say – I loved this book from beginning to end. Gone Girl was such a mind trip, it actually inspired me to write the suspenseful parts in my first book. But, Jackie Collins she kept me entertained for years with tales of the rich and famous and Hollywood elite. Her books are filled with twists and turns, that keep you guessing. When an Author can surprise me in more ways that I ever thought, you have found a fan girl for life.


Can you tell us a little bit about what you working on now?

My hope is that Bound to Me will be the next book I publish. The story follows Alex Robertsen and Ella Connolly. Bound to Me is Book one in The Harbour Series, and It is a Standalone Contemporary Romance. Right now, The Harbour Series contains three standalone crossover books. If you loved Tinley from Perfectly Scripted, you’ll be happy to know she is getting her own book in this series. Also, you know I am not finished with Grady James, so be on the lookout for his story.


Where can readers expect to see you this year? Will you be popping up at any author events?

I have four more Author Signings I am attending this year, including Des Moines, and Virginia Beach. I am very excited because in October I’ll be in Dublin, Ireland, which will be my first international signing. Readers can find all the information in the events section on my Amazon Author page here:


If you were on a desert island and you can only have one book, one drink, and one person with you, what would your choices be?

Well, I’d love to say Bradley Cooper, I think my husband would miss me too much – lol.  One drink, vodka. And one book, Tell Me Your Dreams by Sidney Sheldon.


And lastly, you’re  hosting a cocktail party, which three authors/writers (dead or alive) would you invite and why?

Chelsea Handler, Amy Schumer, and Jackie Collins. Reason? Look at the guest list. Pretty sure everyone in town would want to attend this party.


Thanks for the interview! Xo Christy

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