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Elle Marlow's reflection on 2014 Book Cover Elle Marlow's reflection on 2014

We were introduced to Elle Marlow last year when she was publishing One Hundred Horses. We were instantly bonded by books, horses, and hard work. Elle is the kind of woman you love, respect and look forward to hearing from. It is a great honor to call her a friend. Her books reflect the kind of women we love reading about. Strong, fun and wonderfully imperfect, her characters never disappoint!


It’s been quite a year, Elle! While we have been having fun reading all your books, you have been slaving away to bring us more and more.Tell us what have been the highlights of this last year for you?

Thank you for inviting me here.  Well, it’s been a crazy year for sure.  The highlights had to have been seeing my first book cover.  It made things so real for me.  I honestly cried like a baby, so amazed that anyone would think enough of me to make me a professional cover.   Then One Hundred Horses made the Amazon’s best seller’s list in Historical Fiction, a tough category.  I didn’t even know until my editor, Laura Johnson pointed it out.  Again, I was in total disbelief. 

Right after, a crisis happened and I had to find a new publisher.  Author, F.J. Thomas kept repeating to me how wonderful Solstice treated her so I subbed everything again and thankfully, they picked up all my old contracts. 

Josey’s Mountain. This story was written in six weeks for a Harlequin contest.  I had no idea what Harlequin was looking for but I threw it in the contest and became a semi-finalist out of over 700 entries.  I cried.  (I cry a lot)  I published it through Solstice and it debuted on the Amazon best seller’s list for Multi-cultural and also Native American.  Then after a few days it became #6 in Western Romance. 

So many things to be thankful for.  Honestly, it’s been a dream come true.  A crazy emotional ride and I am so grateful for all the new friends, connections and readers that have taken the time to mentor, comment, leave reviews and follow my work.

Have you learned anything in that you will use to help guide you for the next year?

This is so funny to say this at this point and time, but patience.  Patience for the process.  It’s incredibly hard for me given how my first year started out fast and furious.  I have to understand it won’t always be that way.  LOL

You’ve written a lot of different books this year and we know that books are like children to their authors, but are there any that you hold dear to your heart or are special to you for a sentimental reason?

Josey’s Mountain and One Hundred Horses were my first full length novels, and for some reason, when they do well, I just feel better about what road I’m on.  The Pin-Up Artist really entertains me.  I go back to that one often and read for my own enjoyment.  That was a self-published project and it contains a few errors, however, I’ve decided to leave it alone.  So far, there have been no complaints, just laughs.

What can we expect to see from you this year? Any WIPs you want to tell us about?

I’m so excited for this year!  I have a really hot book just waiting for the green light.  “Seducing his Senator” #GirlPowerSeries  I can’t tell you how much I am in love with this book.  Full of heat, angst, power struggle and it really supports the power of women and what women can accomplish.  It also pushes the point that whether you decide to work for a living or chose to be a stay at home mom, you should be supported.  This book will surprise the reader and even draw out some anger.  The hero, Bryce is a HOT cowboy.  He doesn’t always come to Vivian’s rescue.  She can save herself, but he’s there for her where it matters most.  He is the ultimate hero in my eyes.  Everyone in this book are flawed, passionate and driven.   I hope the readers will see what I see.  

Also, I am working on book two of this same series,  “Laying Down her Law.”  A feisty deputy and her teenage crush come together to heat up Alaska and solve a town riddle.   This one will have more humor in it than Senator but this couple have it going on!  

I promised my readers the last installment of “Children of the Horse, Snow Fire’s Journey” by the Fall.  (I’ve got a lot on my plate!)

What is it like balancing family and writing?

I’m extremely blessed to have full support from hubby and the kids.  I’m lucky that I can stay home and write.   I work a full 8 hours a day while the kiddos are in school.  Then after, I’m hard to get ahold of.  Everything I do, I do it with my family in mind.  I want to set an example of what can be done if you put your mind to it.   You can’t let your station in life determine your success.  If you dream it, you can achieve it.  Hard work.  As my girl, Sarah Palin says, “Grit with Grace.”  I believe that to be true for us all.

I think one of the big hitters that came from you this year was Josey’s Mountain. How did that story come to you and can we expect to see more from those characters or community?

Josey’s Mountain was born on the Harlequin forum.  There is a thread on that page called “Writer’s Challenge.”   It’s a thousand word challenge for aspiring writers to put their work up for critique.  I needed something to enter into the big, “So You Think You Can Write” contest that Harlequin holds every year and I remembered that challenge piece.  That story literally started out in my mind as a vision of an icy mountain and the sound of a wolf’s howl echoing off the canyon walls.  That simple image started the story.

There will be a sequel to Josey’s Mountain. I receive emails about this almost on a weekly basis. But I am just waiting for my muse to send me another image.  I honestly think I’ve worn my muse out to a frazzle.   She must be on vaccay.

You wrote one of my favorite novellas ever, Pour Me. It was a powerful little book that left me wanting more. So will I get more? There were some great characters in that novella. 😉

Out of all my books, I don’t know exactly what it is, but Pour Me has the die-hard fans.  I don’t know if there will be more from Carly and Cade and little Danni.   If I do continue their story, you will be the first to know!


The Pin-Up Artist keep me laughing long after the book was over. I loved the crazy antics of the mother and her relationship with Ginger. And who could forget Court? Totally and completely swoon-worthy Court. What made this story great was the love story that developed alongside the crime story. Will we see more of this in the future?

Absolutely.  I am not afraid to branch myself out into romantic comedy.  I think, you will find much of the same antics in “Laying Down her Law.”   I have such a sarcastic personality, I have a blast weaving into my books where I can. 

You are known for your Native Historical Romance novels. What drew you to this genre?

My first real love of reading romance was with Native American romance.  I found the settings, the conflict and the love so real, raw and powerful.  With some Native ancestors in my past, I just try to speak to them and ask them to tell me a story.  Children of the Horse, Snow Fire’s Journey was written by their hand.


Thank you so much for hosting this interview.  I had fun and as always, grateful for the interest you’ve shown in my work.~ Elle.

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ABOUT ELLE: Elle Marlow is a native-born and raised Arizonan. She writes primarily western romances both historical and contemporary and often with humor. A mom of five wonderful kids, two amazing step kids and a feisty but perfect granddaughter. She is usually, cooking, cleaning, chasing kids or riding her horse around barrels.
Married to the perfect cowboy to inspire her, it is easy to understand where she gets her many stories and inspiration.
Of Irish/Shawnee decent. Native love stories are her favorite.

Hoping one day Kevin Costner will put her on his team of writers for his next big epic.

Visit her blog at

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