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Interview with CJ Wells Book Cover Interview with CJ Wells

Co-Authors, and sisters, Christa Gibbs and Jill Syed reside in Ontario, Canada. Born and raised on da'Rock [a.k.a. St. John's, Newfoundland], their laid back personalities and eclectic sense of humor is indicative of their native roots. Although fluent in Newfinese, both are quite eloquently spoken, showing no remnants of an accent unless alcohol is involved.

Fluent in air-guitar [she trained in Europe], Christa, by day, transforms into her Executive role in the Property Management World. This wonderful position lends credence to her altruistic life experiences lived vicariously through the many residents within her keep. This translates beautifully to her evening endeavors, which include creating lovable characters and interesting storylines [when she's not catering to her loving 'Oooge' -- a.k.a. biker hubby]. An avid reader of erotic romance [upwards of two to three novels per week], Christa decided to give her own incessant fairytale sex-capade fantasies a voice.

When she is not behind the camera in her Photography Studio, Jill spends portions of her days mentally cataloging all the reasons why she shouldn't become an indulgent drinker at the helm of her three young children during the absences of her Pilot husband [though you will hear her undying love and devotion for them often: "blessed"]. Passionately creative, Jill spent many years capturing life moments on film, canvas and even paper. Having dabbled in the writing of many children's books, all of which ended up covered in dust and never carried through, clarity hit once she collaborated with her sister: "Ohhh, the steamy sex was the missing ingredient".

First of all, thank so much for taking the time to chat with us, ladies. We were instant fans after reading Perfect Plans and we look forward to many more books from you.

Tell us a bit about how being a writing team works. Let’s hear the process.

cj wellsChrista: Well, I tell Jill what to do, and she does it.

Jill:  And I make sure Christa takes her daily dose of meds [shhh, we said we wouldn’t talk about her delusions].

Christa & Jill: All joking aside, we plot the story together, write separately, and edit as a team.  It works wonderfully for us, and we are thankful for that.  In the end, it’s hard to decipher who wrote what.  It just clicks.

So does one of you write specific parts or specific characters? We ask, because the story seems so seamless. You cannot tell there are two authors.

Christa:  We contribute equally to all characters and scenes, each writing whatever inspires us, jumping from character to character, steamy sex scene to generic scenes.  I think we’re lucky that we tend to think the same way.  Perhaps being sisters helps [smiles].

Jill:  Yes, we do think alike…which I guess in some ways can be kind of unlucky too…and by some ways, I mean Christa wanting the same fantasy man that I will end up getting [winks before adding a maniacal laugh].  We also like to work from a timeline – we prefer to plot out our storyline and go from there.  Sometimes deviating, adding, allowing room to go with the flow of the scene we are writing.  That way we have a good feel for the story we are telling, and for each character.  We’re on the same page from day one.

And you write a chapter or scene at a time and then edit?

Christa & Jill: That’s right.  We write individually, and edit each other’s work.  Then we do a final read through/edit together upon completion of the manuscript.  In doing so, each and every scene has a bit of each other in it, regardless of who wrote the initial piece.

Which came first, the book or the muse?3pntIv6V

Christa: The muse, definitely the muse.  Henry Cavill is…my lover [But don’t tell Jill].

Jill: The book was a close second [Kinda like Christa will be, with Henry].

Christa & Jill: In reality, it was simply our muse and SUPER timing [wink, wink].

I think at this point Henry’s people know about your, em, feelings toward him. Has anything exciting come from this?

Christa: You mean does Henry know he’s mine yet?  Ummm…that’s a big N-O.  However I’m hopeful he’ll figure it out soon.

Jill:  I licked it so it’s mine.  Wait…what was the question?

Christa & Jill: Sadly, we’ve yet to meet our delicious muse.  Fingers crossed we get lucky at some point in the future.  It would certainly be amazing to thank him in person for being such an inspiration.

Do you have plans for books beyond the Perfect Plans series? And if so, will you stay in the romance genre?
Christa & Jill:  We have two books scheduled for release in 2015 [both contemporary erotic romance] and we are so excited to share them!  First and foremost [and by popular demand] is Spicy, Stacey’s story – the exuberant best friend from The Perfect Plans Series.  We’re stoked to share this wild one’s story.  It’s bound to be a fun ride [and you’ll see a side of Thomas you weren’t expecting].  And secondly, Lost Hope – the story of the sexy, bad boy, Ryan Justice.  The ladies will need a fan reading his story!  You can find an excerpt sneak peek of Lost Hope in Take a Bow.

“Tell me to stop, Aby, and I will…It will be the hardest thing I’ll ever do, but if you don’t want this, now would be the time to tell me.”  ― Perfect Plans

Anyone who has read Perfect Plans and Take a Bow know that Stacey’s story, Spicy, will be H-O-T! She was a great bestie and support for that series. There is no doubt she will keep us laughing and fanning ourselves from cover to cover. Lawdy! That girl is nuts! Which one of you is Stacey?

Christa & Jill:  Ironically, there’s a bit of both of us in Stacey.  And Aby, for that matter.  With Stacey, we were able to unleash our inner sarcastic bitches, which was a hell of a lot of fun!  We can’t wait to delve deeper into Stacey in Spicy.  In fact, I think everyone will be a little shocked to see a very different side to Thomas [wink, wink].

Can you give us a taste of Ryan Justice? Where did you get the idea for his story? What can we expect from it?

Christa & Jill: Ryan Justice is the epitome of a bad boy.  Growing up on the wrong side of the tracks, he’s fearless, domineering, completely alpha, and to be honest, somewhat of an a**hole.  We LOVE Ryan Justice [girly giggles].  As much as Alexander Tate was a gentleman, Ryan Justice is his polar opposite – something for which we’re excited to indulge in.  His story came to us rather unexpectedly, and we were both so intrigued with it, we simply couldn’t wait to start writing! 

We can’t delve too much into what you can expect without giving things away, however, we will say that this story is full of angst and twisty turns, lost hope and found truths, alpha hotness and a strong heroine, and, as always, love.

What are your favorite books?

Christa: I’m still partial to the book my folks gave me as a teen, What’s Happening To Me.  I admit, I learned a lot [LOL].  Outside of my epic self-discovery literature, my all time favorites [that I’ll read over and over again] are Double Take by Brenda Joyce and Six by Opal Carew.

Jill:  I have so many favorites, it’s hard to narrow down a short list.  I can certainly throw out the names of my one-click Authors:  Whitney Gracia, Emma Chase, K.I. Lynn, Sylvia Day, J. Kenner…

Christa & Jill: We’ve read so many amazing books…Most recent FAV reads include Bad Romeo by Leisa Rayvon, Archer’s Voice by Mia Sheridan, and Black Lies by Alessandra Torre.  Definitely MUST READS.  Literary perfection, we tell ya!

 “When I met you, I walked into a fantasy. You… you are my fantasy. But it comes with a reality I wasn’t prepared for, as much as I thought I could be… for you.” – Take a Bow

It is always cruel to ask a booklover their favorite books. Those answers change daily. So yes, we are evil for asking.  Will you be attending any author events this year and if so, are there any authors you are hoping to meet?

Christa & Jill:  As newbie authors, we’re anxious to get the ball rolling with respect to events.  There are a few we have in mind for this coming year, however haven’t finalized any just yet.  Fingers crossed we are able to make the New York event in June.

How did you guys decide to start writing? 

Christa & Jill:  We’ve always loved both reading and writing, but with regards to this collaboration, to be honest, it just happened.  It started with a mutual fantasy that evolved into us both wanting to live it for a while.  The stars seemed to align for us, so, we wrote it {smiles}.  It’s been fun.

“If I’m the devil, Aby, you are the angel that will save me” – Take a Bow

I can just imagine the two of you drinking wine and laughing your asses off and you began your HC fantasy story. How many bottles of wine went into writing The Perfect Plan series?

Christa & Jill: Hmmm…that’s a tough one.  We’re leaning more towards ‘too many to count’ at this point.  Particularly considering the more we drank, the more real Henry – ahem, Alexander – became.  We did learn to follow the golden rule early on, however: Write drunk, edit sober.  But there were a few fun nights that we tried it the other way around  [“Ahhh…good times…”].

What has been your favorite part about this journey so far?

Christa & Jill:  Meeting so many amazing people!  From amazingly supportive authors – both Indie and Published – to the many bloggers, and of course the readers.  There is nothing quite as humbling as receiving a private message from a stranger just to share how much they enjoyed The Perfect Plans Series.  #Honored

 Desert Island time! Here’s a list of items you are allow to have with you if you were trapped on a desert island.            

Any author (past or present) to keep you company- who would it be?

Christa: I’d have to say…Jill.

Jill: Christa, I’m there with you, dummy.

Christa: Oh, right.  Well, do we have to pick another author too?

Jill: Ummm…

Christa: Well let’s deviate a little.

Jill:  Good idea…

Christa & Jill {simultaneously, in a light bulb moment}:  An Actor!  That’s very similar to Author.  Author…Actor.  A minor letter change. 


Christa: So…which actor?

{Simultaneous giggles}

Any type of liquor – which would you choose?

Christa: Hmmm…Depending on the mood, I’d have to say either Rolling Rock or Vodka/Cranberry/soda water.  But, let’s face it…I’d accept any type of alcoholic beverage really.

Jill: Red wine, Australian Shiraz specifically…although, I don’t relish purple teeth when entertaining our Actor friend, so I’ll go for beer, Cracked Canoe, please.

Any three books – which ones would you choose?

Christa: Well, I’d have to take my two favs…Double Take & Six [listed above], but I think I’d make Archer’s Voice my third.  Nothing beats a silent man. 

Jill:  A silent HOT man!  I would take Bad Romeo, Breach and Reasonable Doubt.

OK ladies, this is when we get serious… pick one pair of shoes.

Christa:  Hmmm…if we’re going for practicality, is has to be flip-flops.  But given an Actor is with us [wink, wink], I’m leaning slightly towards my gold Guess platform pumps. Screw the sand. 

Jill:  Hooker {rolls eyes towards Christa, smirking}.  Nothing screams casual sexy / I’m not trying too hard like wedges…So, I’ll play sweet, sexy & comfortable with my Michael Kors open-toe platform wedges.

And lastly, how would you two decide who got to have Henry Cavill on their island?


Christa: No contest.  He’s already mine.  Jill just won’t accept it.

Jill:  {cough} Delusional {cough}

Christa & Jill:  Well, since we decided to be on the same island, we will have to work out some sort of schedule.  Wait…does that make us sister-wives? {Pursing lips in thought}

{Boisterous laughter}



OK, now that I’ve DIED from laughing! (OMG they said sister-wives… smh) Where was I? Oh yes, back to the fun! We decided that your books are too much fun not to have their own drinking game, so here it is:

Get Tated!

Be sure to read with a friend!

Every time you read the word “Lick” take a shot. We recommend Marshmallow Vodka. After all, it’s sweet AND sticky.

When Stacey or Aby calls someone a “whore”, take a shot and then make a list of your favorite man-whores.

Every time Alexander Tate makes you swoon… you guessed it. Have a drink.

Lastly, if you picture Henry Cavill at any point while reading… well then you’re doing it right.

Upon completion of the book or once you’ve lost your ability to read any further, be sure to send a drunken message to CJ Wells about how much you love the book!

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