Guest Post – Four Sexy Reasons to Pass On the Super Bowl

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I’m a sports fan, but I know a lot of women out there would rather endure the pain of the Brazilian wax than watch the Super Bowl. Despite the fact that there are some pretty handsome faces playing on Sunday, including Keanu Neal, Julian Edelman, Tom Brady, or maybe even an appearance by his backup, Jimmy Garoppolo, they’ll be all sweaty and their faces will be covered by helmets. Hmm . . . there are the tight pants to consider . . . wait, where was I going with this post?

Oh yeah, reasons to skip the Super Bowl. Cuddle up with these steamy romance reads and cheer on these sexy athletes instead.

Break Point by Rachel Blaufeld

Brilliant second-chance romance read! Drew King is in the match of his life. Break Point breaks all the rules in a heated power struggle on and off the court. It’s the story of a forbidden love affair between a coach and his player. Meet Jules and Drew now!

Favorite quote:

“Being with you, it’s so perfect. It feels so right.”
“Because it is right.”

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Dirty Player: A Rough Riders Novel by Stacey Lynn

HOT. DIRTY. ADDICTIVE. Need a sexy football player fix? Meet Oliver Powell, the best Tight End in the NFL. He’s charming with a heaping side of arrogance. Shannon Hale wants nothing to do with him, but can she resist the magnetic pull between them? Find out what happens when Oliver decides to play dirty.

Favorite quote: “I know what I want and it’s you, as messed up and dirtied as I can possibly make you.”

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Game On by Katie McCoy

Rule of reporting 101: don’t bang your subject. What happens when journalist, Sophie Hall meets the Texas Longhorns’ star player, soon to be drafted into the Major League, Nathan Ryder? Sometimes life throws you a curveball. Will these two score a home run or strike out?

Favorite Quote: “You’re playing a dangerous game,” he said. “And I’m looking forward to winning so I can claim my reward.”

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Midwest Fighter (Kendall Family Book 2) by Jennifer Ann

Who’s up for a muscle-bound, stubborn fighter? Brooding boxer James Kendall meets feisty, British socialite, Sharlo Rockford. Following a chance meeting, these two are unable to shake the other from their thoughts.  This book is a total knockout whirlwind romance that will melt your knickers and possibly your kindle.

Favorite quote: “Like a monarch, she’s beautiful and untouchable, only coming into my life for a short time. I don’t intend to let the opportunity go to waste.”

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There you have it, four hot romances that are bound to be far more entertaining than Sunday’s game. I do recommend not skipping the booze or the snacks on Super Bowl Sunday. Also, tune in for the half-time show because Lady Gaga is going to kill it.


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