Gifts for the books AND alcohol lovers on your list

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Gifts for the books AND alcohol lovers on your list

It’s that time of year again. Drunken company parties, where fun pictures surface the next day…pictures that likely should never see the light of day. Decorations go up, plans get made, nogs get nogged. Before all that happens, get your gift giving in order. You’re clearly a book lover, if you’re reading here – so you can use this for your book-loving friends and family…or give it as a helpful guide for those that have no idea what to get you. Might as well get something you want, right?


Before you drink

Book-shaped dishes: it’s always a good idea to have food before your booze, why not have it from a book-shaped plate? How awesome is that??


Books about alcohol

Whiskey Women by Fred Minnick. “Without women, whiskey might not exist”. Sounds like a great opening line, right?


Whiskey Cocktails: Rediscovered Classics and Contemporary Craft Drinks by Warren Bobrow. Warren’s cocktails are delicious, though some can be complicated, but it’s definitely worth the effort.


The Drunken Botanist by Amy Stewart – a great guide to the world’s plants that go into making your favorite spirits and cocktails.


Great bottles

Ernest Hemingway’s family is making Papa’s Pilar rums, in honor of their famous predecessor’s love of the spirit. Both the blonde and dark rums are very easy to drink neat or with a little ice, though you should make at least one of Hemingway’s favorites with it, the daiquiri.


If you’re looking for whiskey, grab a bottle of George Dickel. While they’re in Tennessee, they don’t taste like that other guy’s hooch that starts with a J. Smooth and little sweet, I’d suggest either George Dickel 12 or the barrel select. Both bottles are under $40, so you could even get one for someone else! (All that present wrapping makes me want to drink, how about you??)


Support small business this holiday season – don’t forget your local distillers. FEW Spirits, just outside Chicago, makes some delicious rye whiskey, and his bottles are beautiful. Just put a bow on top and you’re done!

by Jeanne Runkle

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