Getting Drunk with CJ Wells

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Nothing like the friendships made in the book community through the many internet channels. CJ Wells is one of our favorite connections. This evening we got drunk together… and I interviewed them… over Facebook. Enjoy!

OH! And Happy Birthday, Jill!!!!10965369_10155156456950581_235725522_n

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What are your favorite quotes from your books, ladies? “Tell me to stop, Aby, and I will. It will be the hardest thing I’ll ever do, but if you don’t want this, now would be the time to tell me.” And “Do I need to tell you again sweetheart? Don’t. Fucking. Move.”10952767_10155114920560322_522574875_n 10954028_10155156381865581_111049382_n 10961718_10155114914490322_304923623_n

And your favorite moment? “The elevator in PP. When Aby first realizes she can’t let him walk away. That she needs him. Epic moment.”

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What are you most excited about with Spicy? “Thomas, Definitely Thomas. I think the readers will be surprised”10966609_10155114921360322_1737089191_n 10966701_10155156353340581_1535343789_n 10966723_10155114935700322_1279744164_n

What are you most excited about with Justice, your new character? “Justice….unbridled, inexplicable, unstoppable passion. Justice is baaaaaaad. And we love it.”10966782_10155114935640322_1722285155_n 10967833_10155114887515322_1215671042_n 10967833_10155114913675322_308636924_n 10967906_10155114957945322_1768537567_n 10968248_10155114894135322_268514207_n10967709_10155156480720581_1573563219_n10966634_10155115079475322_1154340423_n

Buy the books and play the drinking game!

(Drinking game rules below)

Perfect Plans (The Perfect Plans Series Book 1)

Our review – Perfect Plans
Take a Bow (The Perfect Plans Series Book 2)

Our review – Take a Bow

Get Tated!

 Be sure to read with a friend!

Every time you read the word “Lick” take a shot. We recommend Marshmallow Vodka. After all, it’s sweet AND sticky.

When Stacey or Aby calls someone a “whore”, take a shot and then make a list of your favorite man-whores.

Every time Alexander Tate makes you swoon… you guessed it. Have a drink.

Lastly, if you picture Henry Cavill at any point while reading… well then you’re doing it right.

Upon completion of the book or once you’ve lost your ability to read any further, be sure to send a drunken message to CJ Wells about how much you love the book!


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