Four Seconds to Lose

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This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.
Four Seconds to Lose Book Cover Four Seconds to Lose
Ten Tiny Breaths
K.A. Tucker
Atria Books

When a gorgeous young dancer walks through his door, a strip club owner must decide whether to follow his rules or his heart in the third novel by the author of One Tiny Lie and Ten Tiny Breaths.

Owning a strip club isn’t the fantasy most guys expect it to be. With long hours, a staff with enough issues to keep a psych ward in business, and the police regularly on his case, twenty-nine-year-old Cain is starting to second guess his unspoken mission to save the women he employs. And then blond, brown-eyed Charlie Rourke walks through his door, and things get really complicated. Cain abides by a strict “no sleeping with the staff” rule. But being around Charlie challenges Cain’s self-control…and it’s been a long time since any woman has done that.

Twenty-two-year-old Charlie Rourke needs a lot of money, really fast, in order to vanish before it’s too late. Taking her clothes off for men makes her stomach curl but Charlie tells herself that at least she’s putting her acting and dancing skills to good use. And though her fellow dancers seem eager to nab their sexy, sophisticated, and genuinely caring boss, she’s not interested. After all, Charlie Rourke doesn’t really exist—and the girl pretending to be her can't get distracted by romance.

Unfortunately, Charlie soon discovers that developing feelings for Cain is inevitable, and that those feelings may not be unrequited—but losing him when he finds out what she’s involved with will be more painful than any other sentence awaiting her.

“I believe some people are inherently evil. I believe guilt is a powerful motivator. I believe redemption is something you can strive for but never fully achieve. I believe second chances exist only in dreams, never in reality. I believe you don’t have years, or months, or weeks to impact a person’s life. You have seconds. Seconds to win them over, And seconds to lose them.”

Leading into the third book of this series, all I can say is, “Keep them coming!”

Charlie was an interesting character. The daughter of a criminal forced to live a lifestyle she never wanted. She was desperate make things change and resourceful enough to find a way. I liked her. She was nobody’s fool and tough as nails.

Cain, our hero, is sexy and sweet. Who doesn’t love a tough guy with a heart of gold? He comes along and gives Charlie the chance she needs to change her situation. Protective and helpful when she needed him, Cain is a great leading man.

Together they have excellent chemistry. This is where the story excels. The characters and storyline are really well developed. The reader drawn in and kept there until the end. OH! And the end! Let me tell you, I am a sucker for a romantic suspense! They are my favorite, so when the ending went full-on suspense, I was game. It was kickass!

“For all that I hate about what I’ve done, there’s one thing I can’t regret.
It led me to him.”

The only thing I didn’t love about this book was the pace. At times I was a little bored, feeling that it moved a little slower than I would have liked. By the time the story ended, the pace really didn’t matter. If you like the characters, but find yourself bored, push through because it was worth it.

4 Stars and pair is with Southern Comfort on the rocks!

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