Forever Cursed

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Forever Cursed
Never Ever Series
Sarah Pepper
October 10,2017

Captain James
Peter may as well be imprisoned on Neverland with us for he consumes Miss Bell’s thoughts, stealing her away from me. His retaliation is a constant threat of which we cannot escape. Even so, that pathetic excuse of a man is the least of my worries. Corrupt and vile creatures rule this tiny spit of land, brought here by fairies, by Miss Bell.
Whether she admits it or not, she needs my protection. Yet, I catch her glancing at my severed arm with pity in her eyes. She thinks of me as weak, injured, and any number of inadequacies. Feck. I will not stand for it! I will protect her, even if it costs me my life.

Miss Bell
Captain James makes no attempt to shield the darkness harbored in his eyes, like he wants me—needs me—to see what most people do. Ruthlessness. Turmoil. Devastation.
“Remember that the same hand I use to caress your delicate skin has been stained with the blood of my enemies,” he says, cupping my cheek. “Do not assume my affection for you is something others have experienced. Understood, Miss Bell?”
I understand. Hell, I am counting on it. Peter would rather see me dead than in the arms of another, and I have no intention of dying—especially not when Captain James makes me feel so alive.

The Never Ever Series is by far Sarah’s best works. The first book Neverland Evermore will hook you but the second installment Forever Cursed will reel you in like no other. The continuation of Bell and Captain Hooks story is rife with danger and intrigue. There are so many players in the game, each with their own agenda.

Bell and the Captain will do anything to keep the other safe and alive. Not an easy thing to do on Neverland which is not the fun filled fantasy island we all knew as children. No this place is cursed, filled with evil men who can never age or die and creatures like mermaids who are out to fill their sea with dead men. Everyone is forced to make deals with their enemies in order to survive the war that is coming. Peter Pan wants Bell and he will do anything to have her. Captain Hook will not let her go without a fight. He hatches a plan to ally himself and Bell with the Monarch of the island Kensington and the mermaids.

Unfortunately it appears things may not go as planned as far as the mermaids are concerned. Their wiles are extremely dangerous to the male species, cursing them with madness and longing for a beautiful creature that will only lead them to a watery grave. This part of the story ends on a cliffhanger. Can Bell save Hook from these devilish sea creatures? Will she be able to save herself? Will they ever get off of Neverland? We will all be anxiously waiting for the third installment in the series to answer these questions for us. Please don’t make us wait too long Sarah!


I give 5 stars to Forever Cursed and would pair it with Flaming Fish Shooter

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