Flavored whiskey – peaches and apples and butterscotch, oh my!

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If you’ve read some of my other reviews and posts, you might’ve noticed that I usually prefer a nice bourbon, rye or sometimes Scotch. But I also know that if we all liked the same stuff, the world would be a super boring place. With that in mind, I accepted samples from Dark Corner Distillery in Greenville, South Carolina. With other products named things like Tiger Fire and Cock Lightning, I thought, “What the hell, bring on the flavored whiskey!”.

For those of you that like flavored vodka, Whiskey Girl will likely be right up your alley. While they’re calling it flavored whiskey, it’s really not whiskey like you’re thinking it is. It’s unaged corn liquor – while the legalities may allow it to be called whiskey, I think calling it moonshine gives you a better idea of what to expect. For the most part, the alcohol is a vehicle for the flavors – just like vodka.

Dark Corner makes Whiskey Girl in three flavors: Peach, Apple & Maple, and Butterscotch. They sent me recipe cards to go with the samples, but I like to know what things taste like straight, before I try mixing them. I can usually figure out if the recipe will taste good, from the flavor of the main spirit. While making a bunch of cocktails on a Monday night might sound fun…ok, it’s fun. But I don’t always have everything on hand, nor the time to do it, so I taste the spirit and figure it out.
Of the three, Butterscotch is my favorite. Both Butterscotch and Peach are 70 proof, but the Peach burns way more than you’d think for 70 proof. Butterscotch, oddly enough, is also the least sweet of the three.  Apple & Maple tasted of neither, and left a faint taste of Sweet Tarts. Peach was the sweetest of the three – I’d bet that you wouldn’t need anything sweet in a cocktail that calls for Peach.

All in all, while not my preferred style of hooch, they’re well-made. I might also argue the positioning as flavored whiskey, since that puts them in the same category as the honey Jacks and Jims (not really the same style). If you like sweet drinks, then you might like Whiskey Girl. Give ’em a try – you can order online here.


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