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I received this book for free from the author or publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Fireplay Book Cover Fireplay
Jack Emery #0.5
Steve P. Vincent

A chance lightning strike. A reporter in the right place. A scandal that will rock America.
Journalist Jack Emery has seen it all. Embedded for the New York Standard with the 8th Marine Regiment in the heart of Afghanistan, he has covered everything from firefights to the opening of new schools. But nothing has prepared Jack for the story that is about to explode right in front of him.
When a convoy Jack is riding in is attacked by a lone zealot, Jack asks a question that puts him on the path of a sensational story. But he'll soon learn that his struggles to find the hook are nothing compared to the dangers of getting it out.

Crap! Was that really a novella????

Packed with excitement, Fireplay takes Jack to Afghanistan for a new story and more scandal. The excitement never stops in this powerful novella.

These books are so well written, even quick taste has me completely drawn into the fight. It takes a hell of an author to create such intensity in less than 40 pages.

I must admit, I have a major crush on Jack. He’s a mensch in every sense of the word. Vincent has created a character that will carry this series for the long haul. I see great things for Jack Emery!

4 stars for this quick and entertaining novella. Have a Tooheys New and blow the story wide open!

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