Fifteen Weekends

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I received this book for free from the author or publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Published by Christy Pastore Publishing
Fifteen Weekends Book Cover Fifteen Weekends
The Weekend Series
Christy Pastore
Christy Pastore Publishing

The past, it can haunt you…It can consume you…have a hypnotic hold on your mind, body and soul. The past can keep you from moving on…holding your heart hostage.

The past, can also bring you closure…provide answers you never knew you needed to mysteries you never thought existed…and the past, can force you to look at your current choices in an entirely different light.

Ashleigh Preston has always maintained control of her life, especially her romantic life. To everyone else she seems to have it all— a posh independent lifestyle with nothing holding her back. As a successful Freelance Food and Travel Columnist, Ashleigh can escape whenever she likes and travel the world. She frequently visits her favorite city—London.

Coincidentally, London is where Liam Frost, the charming Welshman lives, her no strings attached irresistible best friend with benefits. Still closed off to the idea of love because of her painful past, can Ashleigh overcome personal grief and take a leap of faith with him? Or will her emotional guilt be too much for Liam to handle, leaving him to move on with someone else?

Smart and sophisticated Marketing Executive, Emily Greene needs closure from her complicated past—she is still consumed by the disappearance of her ex-boyfriend, Craig Walker. The thought of him lingers with her even years later. A stormy night brings about a surprising confession from Emily’s arrogant, yet very attractive co-worker, Ethan Carlson. This admission gives Emily a good reason to push former romantic visions out and usher in new ones.

The past always has a way of twisting into the present. A series of mysterious events—cryptic phone calls and creepy text messages begin to pose an irritating problem for Emily’s life, until one day the annoying situation turns far more serious than she can anticipate or realize. Emily starts to believe her past might be a threat for her new heated romance with Ethan. Is it possible for Emily to move on with her life, despite never knowing what happened to Craig? Can Ethan help Emily put the past behind her and move on with him?

Amanda Parsons, the former country club socialite whose fall from grace has landed her in the poor house. A chance meeting with Vince Everett, a handsome and wealthy businessman, rescues Amanda from her sad state of affairs returning her to the familiar decadent lifestyle she’s accustomed. The clothes, jewels, shoes and gifts are nice, but the boredom and loneliness stir emotions reminding her of the scandal that shattered her world.

Can Amanda shake the emptiness that consumes her or is she doomed to repeat the same mistakes from her past? And why is her sister friends with her biggest mistake—Andrew Langston? Revisiting that dark part of her life sheds light on a mystery Amanda never dreamed would unravel so many possibilities for her future.

I’m so excited about this new series Christy Pastore has created! Not only did she create women who were strong, smart and independent, but allowed for plenty of growth in their lives. In addition to these women, she offers us several very sexy, robust men. The combination is explosive!

There were so many fabulous nuances to this story; so many things that connected the characters and their stories to one another. It had drama, mystique, steaminess and lots and lots of fun. The women in the story were each so very different and each overcoming adversity while trying to find their way. Each driven by something different: pride, greed, career, the need for independence and the need to escape something painful. Something that was driving them, moving them forward and at some point they realized they couldn’t do it completely on their own… Or at least it wasn’t worth doing it all alone.

I think what I love most about this book was that although the women had these wonderful men in their lives they didn’t need them. Instead they served as a guide to them and supported them like any good man does but the women were not completely dependent on them. Throughout the story they discovered their own strengths. Along with the all of this, there were twists, turns and excitement I never expected!

Can we just talk about the guys for a minute please!?!? Holy swoontastic! The men of this book certainly made the top of my book boyfriend list! They were funny, strong and sexy giving exactly what their women needed even when the women didn’t know they needed it. Every time I thought I had a crush on one, another one came along and would do something fabulous. I couldn’t decide who was going to be my book boyfriend of the story. They were all so different… all so perfect I don’t know how Pastore managed that. And a Welsh accent? Seriously Christy! You’re killing me!!!

Since each woman’s story is told separately, even though they intertwined at times, it’s hard for me to describe the plot. There were so many things happening and it flowed so beautifully that there was a lot going on and but it never felt confusing going from person to person, point of view to point of view.

Pastore’s writing was so clean and so bold it was a true pleasure to read this book! I was so impressed with the way she was able to connect the women’s stories. It was like she used the environment as an extra character to serve as a vessel connecting each woman and each story. It was remarkably clever.

Consequently this was definitely a five-star read for me This is definitely a five-star read for me!!! When I finish the book all I could think was “no!” I need the next book now! Grab yourself a North ball Brandy, snuggle in with this book and hope for a soul moving storm to roll through…

ARC generously provided in exchange for an honest review

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