Fate’s Roar

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Fate's Roar
Jalpa Williby
February 16, 2017

Meet Shane.
He’s sexy, arrogant, and ruthless.
He’s used to women falling at his feet.
Settling down has never been an option.
But, fate has her own plans…

For ten years, he has watched over her.
He has vowed to protect Samantha… from the likes of him.
He is not supposed to fall for the one girl he can never have.
The girl who is off limits.
The forbidden fruit.

When Samantha suddenly disappears, Shane’s fury is unleashed as he fights for her life with fierce vengeance

The second book in the series is absolutely amazing.  The main characters still from before with some new, darker, sexier ones as well.  The leading roles being, Samantha, Kelsey’s younger niece and Shane the playboy brother of Damien.  The two met in the previous book, but one was very young, and the other was naked on first meeting, hard thing to forget.  As time goes on, allowing Samantha to grow up into a beautiful young woman and Shane continuing his sexual conquests.  Shane finds it harder and harder to notice that she is not the little girl from before.  The two have always remained close, with Shane always looking out for her, but recently things start to change.  

As Shane starts to make some forced life decisions, he just can’t seem to get his thoughts of Samantha out of his mind.  One of these forced life choices his mate, Camille and her three brothers do not like Shane associating with this Samantha. Pure Evil drives them to desperate measures to make sure Shane does not hurt their sister Camille, resulting in a most epic battle between the families.  Wonderful writing of the battles is such an added bonus to this great book. 4 stars! Pair with a Cosmopolitan! 

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