Excerpt – unScripted by Christy Pastore

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Excerpt – unScripted by Christy PastoreUnscripted by Christy Pastore
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“His gaze on me was intense, I couldn’t look away. I felt as if I was revealing my entire soul to him in this moment."

The range of emotions I had experienced with Ronan felt like a topsy-turvy spinning roller coaster. Suddenly I was awake for the first time in what felt like years. Every fiber of my being was filled with heated desire, passion, lust and fear, and all I wanted was more… more of everything, more of him. How had I just lived these past few years only going through the motions? But, as glorious as all of this was, was I kidding myself? Could it be real? Or just a moment in time - a few days of thrilling and scary excitement rolled into one? The moment before you hit that first big drop on your favorite coaster, you fall, and then it's over.

This isn’t your typical Hollywood fairy tale where the typecast ordinary girl next door meets the famous handsome actor and they fall in love. Despite the emotional and physical scars that serve as reminders of Holliday Prescott’s past, she has evolved into a strong young woman. Ronan Connolly has loved and lost, but he’s never been in love. The weight of Hollywood’s expectations and the scripted games people play have left him bruised but not broken.

He's always followed everyone else's script and she wrote her own. That was until fate swept in with other plans.

This story contains sexually explicit material and is intended for mature individuals over the age of eighteen.
Pages: 313
Published by Christy Pastore Goodreads

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The sleek black limo arrived at the gala just in time so that Ronan could walk the red carpet. He asked if I was ready to be photographed on his arm, and I declined. I honestly didn’t think it was a good idea. He understood, but I could tell that a twinge of disappointment rushed over him.

“I have a surprise for you tonight,” he said, smiling warmly at me while twirling the diamond and platinum bracelet he’d bought for me with his long fingers.

“What is it?” I giggled.

“Mr. Connolly, sir, they’re ready to take you to the red carpet now,” Dean’s husky voice said over the intercom.

“Okay, I’m ready. Open the door in ten.” Brushing the back of his hand over my cheek, he kissed me. I gripped his arm as his hands drifted to my neck, deepening our kisses. I gently shoved his shoulder, saying, “You’re going to be late.”

“I’m already late.” He grinned.

He let go of me, and I hurriedly went towards the front of the limo so that no one would see me. Ronan smoothed his tie, the door opened and he stepped out. His PR team quickly ushered him out of the limo and up the steps to the media frenzy. I heard the screams and the chanting of his name which made me anxious and excited all at once. I felt my heart skip a beat when he was swept up in the swarm of photographers, and I could no longer see his gorgeous silhouette.

unScripted by Christy Pastore © 2014

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