Donners of the Dead

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Donners of the Dead Book Cover Donners of the Dead
Karina Halle
Romance Horror

***A Standalone Horror Romance***

A note about this book: Donners of the Dead is set in 1851 – couples were often thrust into marriage together with short courtships, racism was widespread and not overly frowned upon, and women had little to no rights. What wouldn't fly in today's day and age was unfortunately the norm back then - it is worth keeping that in mind when reading this book.

Jake McGraw was unlike anyone I’d ever known. He was brash, rude, unapologetic and arrogant; chauvinistic, close-minded, and terribly stubborn. He was built like a tree, tall with a hard chest and wide shoulders and hands that looked like they could wrestle a bear. He was a cigar-chomping, scruffy-faced, beast of a man. I was pretty sure I hated him. And I know he hated me. But among the flesh-eating monsters in these snow-capped mountains, he was the only thing keeping me alive

The year is 1851 and pioneers in search of California gold are still afraid to travel on the same route as the tragic Donner party did years before. When the last wagon train to go into the Sierra Nevada mountains fails to arrive at their destination, Eve Smith, an 18-year old half-native girl with immense tracking skills is brought along with the search party, headed by an enigmatic former Texas Ranger, Jake McGraw.

What they find deep in the dangerous snow-covered terrain is a terrifying consequence of cannibalism, giving new meaning to the term “monster.” While the search party is slowly picked off, one by one, Eve must learn to trust Jake, who harbors more than a few secrets of his own, in order to survive and prevent the monstrosities from reaching civilization.

***This is NOT New Adult***

If there is one thing I hate about being out on the trail, it’s the God Damn Zombies!

Welcome to Utah in the fall. Grab your pitch fork as there is always work to be done. Especially for a half breed savage girl being raised by an Uncle. Eve doesn’t complain though, at least she has her friend Avery. Together they work Uncle Pat’s farm and make the best of the life they have. That is until one day when a party of outsiders comes knocking. The pay is too good for Uncle Pat to pass up (not that he would care if anything happened) and sends both Eve and Avery away with the outsiders as they search for the missing Donner Party. Some men are monsters, some monsters are men. Eve will find them both on this survival horror adventure!

The main Character in the story is Eve, an 18 year old girl who is half White, half Indian. After a short introduction to her life she is whisked away on an adventure to help find the missing Donner Party. Of course the band she is with finds way more than they were expecting.

This is a quick read and because of that I almost want to give a pass to my criticism. Saying that, I will still put it out there. I was not really drawn to the characters, it is a short book so there was not a lot of time to get to know the characters but I really just felt like I needed some back story to help me like the people I was reading about. It could be I am just used to long books where every detail of the character is fleshed out. This book introduces the characters and then moves on with the here and now of the story.

Survival is the name of the game in this novel by Karina Halle. Donners of the Dead is a quick run for your life as each minute promises death. Set in 1851 when people were still migrating west, this book is loosely based off the story of the Donner party. Although this novel should only be read by adults, the content is not over the top in violence or vulgarity.

This was a very enjoyable read. The book was fast paced and kept my attention the whole way through. Survival horror is one of my favorite genres of story and this was a nice, light run for your life. The book does not take long to get going and once it does, it is over before you know it.

3 fun and exciting stars and pair this one with some home-brewed moonshine!

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