Death of the Mad Hatter

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Death of the Mad Hatter
Sarah Pepper
November 26, 2013

Never in my wildest dreams did I consider the possibility that I could fall for the boy with the girl's name. Why couldn't Ryley have bacne, chronic case of nose bleeds, genetic baldness, or uncontrollable gingivitis? Oh no, he had to be perfect in every way. And, that body... Nuff said. It was all I could do to convince my knees not to weaken at the sight of him. Forming coherent words when he spoke my name was dang near impossible.

Perhaps if his frontal lobe was a teensy weensy smaller, I might have been able to convince myself that he wasn't so intellectually stimulating. But, he was stimulating,in more ways than one; there was no denying that; no matter how badly I tried to hate him, I couldn't. That made what I was about to do so delightfully horrible that even the wicked Queen of Hearts would be impressed--Alice Mae.

Alice Mae has been sent on a quest by the Queen to find and deliver the boy with a girl’s name that is prophesied to take her throne. Unfortunately for Alice this boy is not one that she wishes to dupe into such a horrible fate. Alice has no choice however.

Ryley (boy with a girl’s name) has no knowledge of the world he is from. Wonderland is simply a small town in Arkansas that he found on google. He certainly has no idea that his father was heir to the throne of Wonderland before he had to make a daring escape to avoid death for him and his family. Now Ryley simply believes his father is a mentally unstable person.

Ryley and Alice form a friendship right from the start. They go through a lot together to overcome the prophecy one way or another. Things do not go as expected and the end of this story is not quite what you’d think. I loved that there was a twist you didn’t see coming.

Death of The Mad Hatter was my first read of Sarah Pepper’s. I absolutely loved this retelling of the classic tale. Sarah has an amazing way of taking tales we know from childhood that are set in long ago time periods and bringing them forward into the present day.

I give 4 stars to Death of The Mad Hatter and would pair it with Wonderland Punch 

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