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I received this book for free from the author or publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Crave Book Cover Crave
Teresa Mummert

All I craved was one night to forget about the tragic murder of my brother Marcus. Elijah Malakai seemed like the perfect person to take my mind off everything my family had endured. He was a hunter and for the first time in years, I felt safe.

But Elijah had his own tragic past. As his secrets unraveled, my world was thrown into turmoil once more.

I had to decide whether or not Elijah was worth the pain his past would bring and if I was strong enough to stand by his side and fight.

“Ever since their existence came to light, they preached equality while torturing and killing anyone who didn’t bow down and worship at their feet.”

It’s a Vampire Apocalypse!!!! Teresa Mummert style!!

Being in the mind of Teresa Mummert is like having a killer buzz that you never want to end but you are almost relieved when it’s over. I’m telling you, people, you cannot be in there too long. It’s magnificent and dangerous and I’m completely hooked.

“When I go, it will be with a fight, not a surrender.”

You’ve read the blurb, you get it. Vampires are walking among us. It is dangerous and we are supposed to be cool with it, but our heroine knows better. So let’s start there. Eva was tough and sweet and a little damaged. I liked her. She went from badass and self-destructive to badass scrapper. She wasn’t going down without a fight. I need that in a heroine. Elijah was your typical swoony vampire. Hot, broody and intense. Bits of his humanity escaped from time to time and you just begged for more from him. There was mystery going on with him and hints were dropped throughout until we reached the climax and received the entire story.

“She’s never understand the things I’ve done… but I’ve done them all for her.”

Bad guys, lovers, friend and family. A small town. Running away. Facing your fears. This book had it all, but I was never overwhelmed by it. I had two issues with this book. Neither of which was a deal breaker and neither really took away from my enjoyment of the story.

  1. Grayson annoyed me. Logically I understood their connection and appreciated it, but he still got under my skin. This may have been intentional. Mummert may have planned it. As the story went on his role became more apparent to me. So if you are reading Crave and you get tired of Grayson, stick with it.
  2. There were times where I needed the moment to be expanded and it felt a little rushed and there were a few times where a moment felt like it dragged on. This could easily just be me. I was really wrapped up in the story and I wanted more but I also needed to know what was going to happen. So basically I was being selfish and impatient. 😉

Regardless of these two items, I still loved this book. There were some beautiful quotes I pulled from Crave. The epilogue was perfect. I laughed and smiled and completely fell for Elijah again.

4 stars for the courageous and Eva and her sexy vampire! Pair this one with a Bloody Mary!

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