Consumed: by Revenge

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Consumed: by Revenge Book Cover Consumed: by Revenge
Consumed #1
Abigail M.

So many secrets
I needed to be consumed by him
I was…
Little did we know
That was only the beginning
I was consumed by revenge
No room for anything else
Not even her…
Little did we know
Heartbroken was the least of our troubles

In this short and sweet beginning to the consumed series Abigail M. begins to weave a tale of revenge that may not be what it seems. Jake is on a mission to find his brothers killer and he believes he has. He never expected for a complication like Aspen to get in the way. Aspen is a unique character herself.

Aspen has a gift. A gift that will hopefully help her to find out where her missing friend is. Aspen has never used her gift in this way before and will hopefully be able to control it without losing herself in the process.  More and more she finds herself wishing that her Nan had begun to teach her about her gift earlier in life.

Abigail M. leaves you yearning to continue with the next chapters of this story. It is a quick read and I can’t wait to jump into the second book. I look forward to what surprises are in store for her characters.

I give 3 stars to Consumed by Revenge and would read while shooting Tequila!

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